Kate Upton Loves War

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America’s most celebrated celebrity has a passion for war—the game, that is. Kate Upton is urging her Twitter followers to “check her out” by downloading “Game of War—Fire Age,” a new game app available on iTunes.

Revisiting Kate Upton’s Mexican Vacation

Kate Upton holds book / Splash News

We’re told vacations are more about making lasting memories than sipping mojitos. So I can’t think a better way to trudge through the dog days of summer than by revisiting when Kate Upton decided to read a book at the beach.

Kate Upton Is in Love

The look of love/@thedaddymatt Twitter

Kate Upton’s latest Instagram post is a bonafide love letter requesting beau Justin Verlander adopt a dashing puppy with a simple “Pleaseeeee” and ensuring that he’d see it by tagging his Instagram account. Trust me Kate, if Verlander didn’t notice your request, the Interwebs would see to that he did.