Kate Upton’s Fashion Week Looks Continue to Dazzle

Image Press / Splash News

New York Fashion Week has been all about Kate Upton, who has shed her image as a mere swimsuit model to become an icon in the high fashion world.

Just when it seemed like her looks couldn’t get much better, she showed up Wednesday night at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons event at the Plaza Hotel in a dress that reminded everybody why Upton is America’s Model.

Idris Elba Should NOT Be the Next Bond


The big dumb Internet fight this week revolved around the author of some recent James Bond books saying that Idris Elba is “too street” to play Bond. Obviously, this was deeply problematic.

But, honestly, I think the real problem here is that Elba himself is not nearly progressive enough a choice. Sure, a “black Bond” would be cool. But a truly liberated Hollywood would do the right thing and pick a female Bond.

Whoa, whoa, clam down. I know this is a radical proposition. But ladies can be special agents too. Allow me to suggest a few fantastic choices for Jamie Bond.