Kate Upton Loves War

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America’s most celebrated celebrity has a passion for war—the game, that is. Kate Upton is urging her Twitter followers to “check her out” by downloading “Game of War—Fire Age,” a new game app available on iTunes.

Revisiting Kate Upton’s Mexican Vacation

Kate Upton holds book / Splash News

We’re told vacations are more about making lasting memories than sipping mojitos. So I can’t think a better way to trudge through the dog days of summer than by revisiting when Kate Upton decided to read a book at the beach.

Kate Upton Is in Love

The look of love/@thedaddymatt Twitter

Kate Upton’s latest Instagram post is a bonafide love letter requesting beau Justin Verlander adopt a dashing puppy with a simple “Pleaseeeee” and ensuring that he’d see it by tagging his Instagram account. Trust me Kate, if Verlander didn’t notice your request, the Interwebs would see to that he did.

‘Did Kate Upton Wear It Better?’: Kendall Jenner Edition

You know the answer/Inquisitr

From what I can ascertain from my ten second search on their website before getting distracted by the photos, Love Magazine is apparently a fairly new fashion periodical in the U.K. that deals in avant-garde fashion. Hookay.

They did snag some clicks from my browser by slapping Kendall Jenner onto their latest cover.

Score Your Kate Upton Swag On The Internet


Kate Upton puts money in everyone’s pockets. She’s makes money for herself, she sells magazines, clothes, and she helps pay my rent. Many thanks to Sports Illustrated yesterday for flagging how she’s making money for lone Internet entrepreneurs.

People are slapping Kate’s visage on t-shirts and selling them on Ebay and Etsy. The market gives what the market demands. How perfectly American.

Kate Upton’s Old Mexican Vacation

Not Express but she sold magazines/rricheung Instagram

The trick about the “the super smoke sports curse” is that it’s not really a curse. While Tom Brady hasn’t been able to cash in the two Super Bowls he’s played in since marrying Gisele Bündchen, he still gets to go home as Tom Brady.

Justin Verlander may have missed his first All-Star Game since 2009, but he didn’t stay in Detroit to wallow in self-pity or lock himself in the gym. Like any dude with a couple days off from work, he hightailed it to the beach over the All-Star break with his girlfriend.