FBI Used Dossier Funded by Clinton Election Campaign to Spy on Trump Adviser

A six-page memo alleging misconduct by senior FBI officials investigating President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign was released to the public

The FBI and Justice Department engaged in improper and possibly illegal political spying by failing to disclose to a secret surveillance court that evidence used in targeting a Trump campaign adviser was funded by rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to an internal House memorandum made public Friday.

Lawmaker: FBI Memo Will ‘Shock Americans,’ Warrant Removal of ‘FBI, DOJ Officials’

Sean Duffy

A classified memo alleging abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice in its handling of a surveillance operation against President Donald Trump and his associates will “be shocking to many Americans” and likely prompt the removal of “a high number” of senior officials in these agencies, according to one member of Congress who has viewed the highly classified document.