Measure B Leaves L.A. County Impotent

California Governor Jerry Brown / AP

The adult cinema industry, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, is “all but ceased in Los Angeles County” and at risk of pulling out all together because of recently passed ‘Measure B,’ a voter-approved regulation mandating the use of prophylactics in adult films:

Film LA, the non profit organization that processes permits for motion picture, television and commercial production across Los Angeles, has seen applications for permits from the adult film industry plummet to only two so far this year. In previous years, an estimated 500 film permits are requested by the adult film industry annually.

“Most production companies have ceased shooting in LA County,” said Diane Duke, chief executive officer of the Canoga-Park based Free Speech Coalition, the trade organization for the adult film industry. “They have other options in other states and communities.”

The adult cinema industry injects roughly $7 billion into the California economy. Sure, depending on with who you talk to, adult films are somewhat socially touchy, but they nevertheless employ thousands of hard-working and tax paying actors, writers, directors, and technicians. According to the AP, Measure B is even more devastating than Obamacare, swallowing as many as 10,000 jobs.