D.C. Is a Swamp, ‘Washington Post’ Story Confirms

Ivanka Trump, Hillary Rosen, Jamie Gorelick, Jared Kushner

Jamie Gorelick is a Democratic super-lawyer and former Clinton Justice Department official who made millions of dollars underwriting subprime mortgages at Fannie Mae before leaving the taxpayer-backed mortgage securities firm in 2003. Now she is a partner at WilmerHale, where lawyers charge up to $1,250 an hour and her corner office provides, according to the Washington Post, a “breathtaking” view of the capital. A graduate of Harvard (magna cum laude) and Harvard Law School (cum laude), the 67-year-old Gorelick is a credentialed member of the Washington establishment, of the cognitive elite, even, some might say, of the Deep State.

Chelsea Handler Tells Worst Story Ever

Liberal Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler bragged to reporters on Friday that she once told Ivanka Trump “I can’t even with you,” and the future First Daughter just shrugged back at her, The Hill reports.