Iran Holds Anti-Islamic State Cartoon Contest

One submission to the contest

Iran is hosting a contest for cartoons that ridicule the Islamic State as militias supported by Tehran expand their fight against the terrorist group in Iraq. Iran’s House of Cartoon, which is financed by the local government in Tehran, has organized the display of the submissions this week from more than 40 countries. While several of the cartoons deride the Islamic State’s (IS) leaders, others link IS to the United States and Israel despite both countries’ denunciations of the group’s attacks.

French Envoy: Iran Nuclear Deal Unlikely by June 30

General view of Bushehr nuclear power plant, 1,200 km south of Tehran

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An Iran nuclear deal is not likely by June 30 because technical details will remain to defined and Iran will not get sanctions relief before the end of the year in the best of cases, western ambassadors said on Tuesday.

U.S. Forces ‘Closely Monitoring’ Iranian Warships Near Yemen

A warship prepares to leave Iranian waters / AP

U.S. military forces are “closely monitoring” an Iranian ship bound for Yemen that is said to contain aid for the warring factions in that country, according to multiple Pentagon officials. The aid ship is reported to be accompanied by at least two Iranian warships also in the region, where Iran and the United States are supporting opposite sides in the conflict between rebel forces and the Yemeni government.

Iran’s Khamenei Rules Out Interviews with Nuclear Scientists

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks live on television after casting his ballot in the Iranian presidential election in Tehran

ANKARA (Reuters) – Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday Tehran would not accept “unreasonable demands” by world powers over its disputed nuclear program and ruled out letting inspectors interview its atomic scientists.

Iran: No Access to Military Sites, Nuke Scientists

Ali Khamenei

Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday said he would not permit international inspectors to enter any of the Islamic Republic’s military sites or interview the country’s scientists under any potential nuclear deal with Western countries, according to reports.