Top Democrat: Obama Admin’s Pro-Iran Efforts Could Fuel Terrorism

Iran Air

A Democratic leader on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is demanding that the Obama administration end its efforts to help airline giant Boeing finalize a landmark deal to sell aircraft to Iran, warning that the sale is likely to benefit the Islamic Republic’s global terrorism campaign, according to communications obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

White House Emerges as Iran’s Top ‘Lobbying Shop’

John Kerry

Obama administration officials are orchestrating an international campaign to encourage businesses and governments to reengage in the Iranian marketplace, prompting accusations from leading members of Congress that the White House is behaving as the Islamic Republic’s top global “lobbying shop,” according to conversations with lawmakers and multiple sources tracking the issue.

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Program

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Iran on Tuesday threatened to restart its contested nuclear program in violation of last summer’s international agreement if the United States and other countries fail to move forward with a massive sanctions relief program aimed at bolstering the Iranian economy, according to comments by a top Iranian leader.

Lawmakers Seek to Re-Open ‘Flawed’ Iran Nuclear Weapons Investigation

Iran nuclear

U.S. lawmakers and foreign policy insiders are calling on the international community to re-open its “flawed” investigation into Iran’s past nuclear weapons research, according to conversations with multiple sources who say the extent of Iran’s past nuclear work is likely much larger than previously believed.

The calls to reinvestigate Iran’s nuclear work come on the heels of revelations by anonymous U.S. officials who said the Obama administration held onto evidence showing the Islamic Republic performed nuclear weapons research—a finding that contradicts findings by international monitors and longstanding claims by Iranian officials.