Green Ball Slashes Prices to Attend

2009 Green Inaugural Ball (Flickr user Live_Earth)

The green lobby is apparently not flocking to Washington to celebrate President Barack Obama’s second inauguration as the the president’s energy policies have slowed oil drilling on federal lands and boosted green energy technologies. The Green Inaugural Ball is offering reduced price tickets on Groupon, cutting the price for both the basic and VIP tickets significantly.

Inaugural Pro Quo

AP Images

President Barack Obama is soliciting donations from corporations and wealthy individuals for his inauguration festivities in a reversal of his previous policy, the New York Times reported. The corporations and individuals will get special access to inaugural events in return for the donations, with the amount of access depending on the amount of money given.

Longoria Leads Obama Inaugural Committee

Eva Longoria / AP

Politico reported on Thursday that Eva Longoria will co-chair the 2013 inauguration committee along with former Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun, Democratic National Committee National Finance Chair Jane Stetson and technology entrepreneur and Obama bundler Frank White.