Report: Hamas Guilty of War Crimes

Rocket attacks ‘a clear violation of international law’
Firefighters on the scene of a Hamas missile attack / AP

Jerusalem—Hamas is clearly guilty of war crimes in its current round of fighting with Israel, according to a prestigious Jerusalem think tank, the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI).

IDF Forms Intelligence Unit that Includes Autistic Soldiers

Spokesman: Autistic soldiers have remarkable visual, analytic capabilities
IDF soldiers set up a drone  / AP

The Israeli army has formed a specialized intelligence unit that includes soldiers diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder involving impaired social interaction and communication problems.

Two More Reasons to Love the IDF

The IDF's Finest/Tzvika Levy

Thanks to the Garin Tzabar program, young diaspora Jews can learn everything from geography to Hebrew to prepare for enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces.

Allow me to salute a pair of young women who decided to venture out of America, Miami of all places, to make like Diddy and come home to serve in the Jewish homeland’s army.

Identical twin sisters Yarden and Rachel Paul moved to Israel last year with the aid of Garin Tzabar.

IDF Continues to Prep Iran Strike

Israeli defense minister: ‘We have to look out for ourselves’
Israeli soldiers

JERUSALEM—Israel’s political leadership has ordered the Israel Defense Forces to continue preparations for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities despite the interim agreement arrived at last November between Teheran and Western nations, Ha’aretz reported today.

Israeli Government Says Missile Defense Needs More Funding

Obama’s budget does not allocate enough to defend Israel
Israeli Iron Dome missile is launched / AP

The Israeli government is asking Congress to significantly increase the amount of funding it receives for joint missile defense programs under President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget, contradicting administration claims that it has fully satisfied the Jewish state’s defense needs.