IDF Intelligence Unit: Prisoner Interrogation Saved Many Israeli Lives


JERUSALEM—For two weeks, they slept on makeshift beds in Gaza’s tunnels, living on water and dates, waiting for the order to ascend to the surface and attack advancing Israeli forces from the rear. They had been trained to wait like that for as long as a month and a half, if necessary.

This testimony from a Hamas fighter captured by Israeli troops during last month’s fighting in Gaza was described in a rare interview on YNet with soldiers from an Israeli field intelligence unit who served in the Gaza war.

Two More Reasons to Love the IDF

The IDF's Finest/Tzvika Levy

Thanks to the Garin Tzabar program, young diaspora Jews can learn everything from geography to Hebrew to prepare for enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces.

Allow me to salute a pair of young women who decided to venture out of America, Miami of all places, to make like Diddy and come home to serve in the Jewish homeland’s army.

Identical twin sisters Yarden and Rachel Paul moved to Israel last year with the aid of Garin Tzabar.