Push for Federal Shield Law Bill Begins

Journalists clamor for ability to ignore court orders to reveal sources
New York Times Reporter James Risen / AP

Supporters of a bill that would create a federal shield law for reporters are pushing to get the legislation to the Senate floor following the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear New York Times reporter James Risen’s case on Monday.

Cruz Slams Anti-Free Speech Udall Amendment in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Ted Cruz

More than 40 Senate Democrats have signed on to a constitutional amendment proposed by Senator Tom Udall’s (D., N.M.) that would fundamentally alter the right to free speech.

Republicans are attacking the proposal, which would “give Congress clear authority in the Constitution to regulate the campaign finance system,” even though it has absolutely no chance of becoming a reality.

As Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) explains in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Udall’s amendment is ridiculous:

McConnell: Obama is Stifling Free Speech

President began delegitimizing opposition speech shortly after Citizens United, Senate GOP leader says
Mitch McConnell / AP

President Barack Obama is at the vanguard of a coordinated effort to silence political opponents in an effort falsely sold as concern over good government, the Senate’s top Republican said on Friday.

DOE and DOJ Under FIRE

Office for Civil Rights walks back new sexual harassment guidelines
Students at Claremont McKenna College / AP

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a letter today in response to mounting criticism over new sexual harassment guidelines that critics claim raise more questions than it answers.

Free Speech Under Fire

Free speech advocate: New guideline on sexual harassment at universities threatens First Amendment

The Obama administration’s Departments of Justice and Education earlier this month issued new guidance on sexual harassment on college campuses that is so broad it makes nearly every student a harasser, according to a nonpartisan group that specializes in campus speech codes.

Rights Have Their Limits, You Know

A few weeks back, Mark Hemingway wrote an excellent cover story for the Weekly Standard on the growing scourge of “human rights commissions.” In it, Hemingway recounted how the owner of his favorite bar felt the eye of Sauron fall upon him for cracking a joke at noted racist Marion Barry’s expense. The First Amendment, you see, is no defense when someone’s feelings might be hurt: