Clinton-Linked Super PAC Quietly Pushing Sanders Oppo Research to Media

David Brock / AP

A Hillary Clinton-linked super PAC is pushing opposition research to the media against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) but does not want its fingerprints on the information, according to a reporter in Vermont who said her news outlet was contacted by the group. Emilie Teresa Stigliani, a staff writer at the Burlington Free Press, recently …

David Brock: I Don’t Refer to What the Washington Free Beacon Does as ‘Reporting’

David Brock

In a revealing, wide-ranging user-coordinated interview with members of the Reddit community, David Brock, the CEO of Media Matters and director of the pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record, criticized the Washington Free Beacon, urged readers to continue subscribing to the New York Times, and praised Clinton as a “trailblazer” on Monday.

Team Hillary Warns Biden: ‘Nice Legacy Ya Got There…’


Hillary Clinton really doesn’t want Joe Biden to run, mostly because he’s more authentic, likable, funny, popular, experienced, engaging, off-the-cuff, and human than she is. But she’s not allowed to come out and say this explicitly. Instead, her allies are working behind the scenes to make sure Biden gets the message: “Nice legacy ya got there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it.” The New York Times reports: