Suspected K.C. Shooter is a Vocal Anti-Semite

Shooter calls Jews ‘ugly kikes’
Accused killer Glenn Miller / AP

The suspected Kansas City Passover shooter was being monitored by Jewish groups since at least the 1980s and has published a voluminous amount of anti-Semitic material online, according to portions of his past writings obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

J Street Student Leaders to Repair Brandeis-Al Quds Relationship

UPDATED: Students for Al Quds get $10,000 grant after heckling former IDF spokesman
Rally at Al Quds University /

Two student leaders of J Street at Brandeis University who recently came under fire for heckling an Israeli soldier have been selected to help repair the school’s relationship with the Palestinian Al Quds University, which has hosted several anti-Israel terror rallies on its campus.

University of Michigan Official Denounces Free Beacon

Defends anti-Israel student pictured stabbing pineapple
Amateur basketball player

University of Michigan officials are asking that the Washington Free Beacon remove from its website an article that reported on a pro-Palestinian student leader who posted a photo of himself on Facebook wearing a traditional Arab headscarf and inserting a knife into a pineapple.

BDS Leader Posts ‘Overtly Threatening’ Photo to Facebook

Violent images, death threats roil University of Michigan
Amateur basketball player

A pro-Palestinian activist on the University of Michigan’s campus recently posted what experts described as “an overtly threatening” photo of himself wearing a traditional Arab headscarf and jamming a knife into a pineapple.

Jewish Community Hit by Wave of Anti-Semitic Cyber Attacks

Alert sent out across Jewish community warning of growing attacks

The Jewish community has been hit by a wave of anti-Semitic cyber attacks that have targeted Jewish organizations and endangered the personal and financial information of their donors and employees, according to a warning delivered this week.

UCLA Student Curses and Cries After Anti-Israel Measure Fails

Crybaby gonna cry?

A UCLA student burst into tears and launched into a mostly incomprehensible anti-Israel rant on Wednesday after her fellow students voted to defeat a student council resolution aimed at divesting from the Jewish state. UCLA’s student council defeated the boycott resolution by a vote of 7 to 5 following an all-night session, according to the …

Report: Anti-Zionism Integral to European Left-Wing Thought

Anti-Israel activities seen as a stand-in for anti-Semitism
Desecrated Jewish cemetery in France / AP

Anti-Zionism is an “integral part” of left-wing ideology in Europe and serves as a replacement for anti-Semitism, according to a report on global anti-Semitic trends in 2013 released by Israel’s Information and Diaspora Ministry in January.