Anti-Israel Protesters Are Hilarious, Except for Their Deadly Beliefs

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Here’s a pro-tip for all you budding citizen journalists with a microphone and a handicam: Whenever a man on the street package includes a man holding a microphone up to a guy dressed up in a “Holy Bible” costume and he says “Hey Bible guy, can we talk to you for a second?” you know you’ve got gold.

And that’s what Dan Joseph of MRCTV has with his latest video encounters with anti-Israeli protesters in Washington, D.C.

Andrew Breitbart was the brilliant man who discovered that walking into a line of left-wing protesters with a camera and asking them simple questions about the cause they are chanting about will reveal more about the left than any white paper from a Beltway think-tank. And Joseph’s foray into the Pro-Palestinian march Wednesday does just that.

Duke Gives Muslim ‘Holocaust Inversion’ Professor $3M Gig

Professor's writings on Islam have been criticized as faulty, utopic
Omid Safi

Duke University has installed as the new director of its $3 million Islamic Studies Center a controversial Iranian-American professor whose scholarship has come under fire for anti-Israel bias and who once used a picture of dead Jews in Nazi death camps to illustrate his writing on the Palestinians.

Antiwar Conference Featured Panelist Who Spoke at Holocaust Denial Conference

William Lind spoke at panel hosted by American Prospect, American Conservative
William Lind

An antiwar conference hosted by the American Prospect and the American Conservative in June featured a panelist who once spoke at a Holocaust denial conference and claims American Muslims are a disloyal “fifth column” who should leave the United States.

UN Taps Israel Critic for Top Human Rights Post

Experts concerned about continued anti-Israel bias
Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al-Hussein / AP

The United Nations has tapped as its next High Commissioner for Human Rights a Jordanian prince who has said that Palestinian suicide bombings are “no less horrific” than Israel’s efforts to prevent civilians from terror attacks.

Al Jazeera Senior Analyst: Jews Should Know Their Place

‘Some Jewish humility is good for you’
Al_Jazeera_logo-copy copy

Al Jazeera English’s senior political analyst is under fire for telling a prominent Jewish writer that he “gives Jews a bad name” and should know his place by showing “some Jewish humility.”