Young Sanders Supporter: ‘Obviously the Free College Aspect Is Awesome’


A young New Hampshire supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) named Grace explained her support for the Democratic socialist Tuesday, saying "obviously the free college aspect is awesome."

Sanders has run on a left-wing, populist platform that has called for free public college, a massive hike in the minimum wage, and single-payer, universal health care. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, has struggled to gain traction with younger voters despite being the frontrunner in the Democratic race since announcing her candidacy last year.

MSNBC field reporter Jacob Soboroff talked to Grace on a bus on the way to the primary polls. He discovered this would be her first time voting.

"It is interesting that a lot of young women are choosing Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton," Soboroff said. "What went into your decision?"

"I like his ideas of being a Democratic socialist. Obviously, the free college aspect is awesome," she said.

"And people that you're friends with sort of going for Bernie as well?" Soboroff asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Clinton was crushed by Sanders among young voters in the Iowa caucus, losing by 70 points en route to a virtual tie in the statewide vote. Sanders has maintained a commanding lead in New Hampshire polls, and the Clinton campaign has downplayed expectations for the primary results in anticipation of a likely defeat.

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