Schakowsky: Guns Are Too Accessible


Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.) said there are too many ways to circumvent city and state gun control restrictions Friday on MSNBC. Schakowsky proceeded to blame much of the gun violence experienced in Chicago on surrounding municipalities and states with looser gun restrictions, before adding her general critique "the accessibility of guns is just too much:"

TAMRON HALL: Thank you so much Congresswoman for your time.

JAN SCHAKOWSKY: Thanks Tamron.

TAMRON HALL: The situation in Chicago, it's interesting for many reasons, we've watched, and I lived there for ten years, the crime rate, gun violence, tick up every year. This mayor currently, Rahm Emmanuel, the prior mayor, Mayor Daley, talked about the situation with Chicago and the states surrounding it, having more "lax," if you will, gun laws – and that's why they believe the gun violence situation exists in Chicago. This "gun trafficking" is something we have not talked a lot about. What do you think the president needs to say today?

JAN SCHAKOWSKY: Well, he's going to acknowledge the fact that in Chicago there are the strongest — very strong gun laws, but people can go to suburban areas right across the city borders, or to Indiana, right across the state borders, and buy without any kind of a background check all the guns that they want. That is exactly why we need national regulations, why we need to have universal background checks. The accessibility of guns is just too much.

Full interview:

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