Port of Oakland Officials Under Investigation for Misuse of $200K

Watches, perfume, bracelets, silk ties expensed by one employee


Nearly a dozen employees of the Port of Oakland are investigation for the improper use of more than $200,000 in public money, KTVU reports:

With the help of Asian business experts, KTVU combed through stacks of receipts that turned out to be from gift shops, department stores and five-star restaurants in China and Korea. Some bills were for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

There's no itemized list of what he bought in those instances, but the Port of Oakland reimbursed Kwon for almost every penny, just as it did for five years’ worth of expenses. […]

KTVU first reached out to McElhaney after a news investigation discovered Kwon and the Port's Executive Director Omar Benjamin spent more than $4,500 dollars at Treasures Strip Club in Houston in 2008. Benjamin abruptly retired within a month of KTVU's first news report.