Mitchell: Obama’s Fundraising Trips Are Being Questioned for Good Reason


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said President Obama's frequent fundraising trips during weeks of turmoil around the world were being "questioned for good reason" Wednesday on Morning Joe.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest retorted to questions about Obama's controversial schedule that the president could do his job from anywhere, but Mitchell said challenging that line of thinking was legitimate.

"This is the optics of leadership," she said. "The golf course is not the best place to be, even though you don't really see him out there. But the fundraising, those trips really are being questioned for a good reason. You know, the trips last Thursday when the Malaysian airliner was shot down, proceeding to Wilmington, then proceeding on to New York for two fundraisers, that's all being questioned by people. Ronald Reagan is being praised for coming back from California when the Korean airliner was shot down by the Soviets in 1983."