King: On Obama’s Gun Positions, He Wonders ‘How Serious He Really Is’


Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) said he believes President Obama's executive orders on gun control are likely for scoring political points with his base and that Obama likely does not think "in his heart of hearts" that meaningful legislation on the issue will pass through Congress.

"That's why I wonder how serious he really is," King said Thursday on CNN's "Starting Point." "I'm not questioning his motives, but he never mentioned it during the campaign, and now he knows for the next two months all we're going to be talking about is the debt ceiling, sequestration, the continuing resolution, ending the fiscal cliff, all of these."

Regarding the president's executive orders he signed Wednesday in Washington, King said "there's really not that much there." He pointed out the massacre in Aurora, Colorado occurred in July as the presidential campaign was beginning to heat up and gun control was not a key issue on the trail.

"The fact it was not mentioned during the campaign, or barely mentioned, shows that this is not a selling political issue," King said. "It really isn't."