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Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson at the 2012 Inauguration.

Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson at the 2012 Inauguration.


President Barack Obama is "luckier than a dog with two dicks," at least according to former President Bill Clinton.

Background sources quoted the impeached former president in the latest offering from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann entitled Double Down: Game Change 2012, the follow-up book to Game Change, their best-selling account of the 2008 presidential race.

Halperin and Heilemann were reportedly advanced $5 million in 2010 for the forthcoming work.

According to excerpts, the new book closely examines the tenuous relationship between the athletically challenged current president and the notoriously libidinous Clinton.

One anecdote, which has garnered significant media attention, is the retelling of a September 2011 golf game, designed to smooth out the relationship between two presidents.

The New York Times reports:

When the two of them golfed together in September 2011, an effort aides hoped would bring them closer, they did not even finish 18 holes. Mr. Obama succinctly expressed his view of Mr. Clinton to an aide after coming off the course at Andrews Air Force Base. "Obama grimaced and replied, ‘I like him … in doses,’ " the authors write.

The subject matter of their conversation is not reported by Halperin and Heilemann, but if past is prologue, Clinton and Obama confidante Vernon Jordan may have an inkling.

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