Hillary Clinton: Dancing Queen


Hillary Clinton, in addition to being a grandmother, a "real person," and a robot, is the queen of the dance floor.

According to a new Washington Free Beacon supercut, Clinton has busted a move in venues all over the world, from South Africa to New Hampshire. Her preferred soundtrack is just as diverse, though she often gets down to girl power songs by Taylor Swift and Rachel Platten.

As far as moves go, Clinton is a master of the side-to-side step and the fist pump. She has also been caught engaging in some flashy jazz hands.

Though she has some pretty good moves in her arsenal, she is never satisfied. In order to expand her repertoire, Clinton has gone on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to learn dances like the ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ and the ‘Dab.’

Her dance skills may appeal to millennial voters, who have tended to side with her opponent, Bernie Sanders. In addition to busting a move, Clinton has engaged in other activities appealing to youths: she has invited actress Lena Dunham and singer Demi Lovato on the campaign trail with her and has held campaign fundraisers at Soul Cycle.

Clinton’s love of dance also contributes to her image as spontaneous and authentic, two characteristics that many voters say she lacks. In response to her authenticity problem, Clinton’s top strategists have said that she will begin to show more "heart" and "humor."

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