Harman: Israel’s Jewish Home party ‘Tea Party Equivalent’

Addition of seats by pro-settler party 'concerning'


Former Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman compared the Jewish Home pro-settler party to the Tea Party while discussing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election hopes Tuesday on "The Daily Rundown."

CHRIS CILLIZZA: Did Netanyahu make a mistake by sort of aligning himself with the Right coalition-wise, rather than reaching more out to the center, as the polling suggests. The right is gaining steam, the Center and Center-Left are not. Was that a miscalculation on his part, as we move forward?

JANE HARMAN: Well, as we move forward, I hope he will consider, and I hope that the Center-Left and Left parties will put pressure on him to consider forming a coalition in the center. Some who are very close to this think there's still an opportunity for that. The addition of seats by this new Jewish Home pro-settler party is concerning. I mean, this is the Tea Party equivalent, the Religious Right in Israel.

Netanyahu is expected to retain his seat.