Clinton: Employees Won’t Be Able to Use Private Servers in My Administration


Hillary Clinton told a local Iowa news station that "the rules should change" regarding private servers for government employees, suggesting she would not allow anyone to do what she did if she became the president.

Clinton's implication was that she had not violated protocol with her private server, but the revelations that top-secret information passed through the server has dented that argument, and Politico reported last March that Clinton violated "clear-cut" State Department rules.

"While use of a private server was allowed, Clinton said, she would make some changes as president when we talked to her," WHO-TV political director Dave Price said to introduce the interview that aired Sunday morning.

"We have another weekend here where people are seeing these fresh stories about the emails," Price said to Clinton. "So help people understand some of this. Obviously, there is a lot of confusion and everything about how this all went down. When you're president, will you allow anyone to do what you did?"

"Well, it was allowed then, but I think the rules should change because of all of the confusion and the questions," Clinton said. "The facts have remained the same. I took classification very seriously. There is absolutely no evidence that I ever sent or received any email marked classified. That has not changed."

Clinton has struck a more defiant tone about her private email server in the past week, remarking at Monday's CNN town hall in Iowa that she had nothing wrong and made no mistake in judgment by electing to use an unsecured server as secretary of state. The Iowa caucuses will take place on Monday, and Clinton is in a tight race with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in the polls.

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