Clinton Holds Event at Bowling Alley, Doesn’t Bowl


Hillary Clinton held a caucus event at a bowling alley in Adel, Iowa on Wednesday, but decided not to bowl, despite advocating strongly for the sport in the past.

"We need more bowling," she said in 2008. "Everybody needs to go bowling."

Clinton gave an hour-long campaign speech while standing in front of the bowling lanes at Adel Family Fun Center. Though the lanes appeared fully stocked with pins, and the owner of the bowling alley said that he cleaned the entire alley for Clinton’s appearance, Clinton still decided to opt out of bowling.

"Nothing motivates you more to clean a business like having a potential next president stop at your business," said Bryce Smith, owner of the bowling alley, in his introduction for Clinton.

Clinton ended the rally by thanking the attendees, who were packed into the small space.

"So my friends, I just can’t thank you again [sic] for being here, this morning, being part of this process, helping to pick the next president of the United States. You get the first chance to speak up in the entire world about what you’re looking for," Clinton said. "Thank you all very, very much."

Clinton then proceeded to mingle with the crowd and accept a stuffed animal as a gift. She also had time to write a note for a 17-year old girl that excused her from school.

In 2008 President Obama gathered the courage to bowl during a campaign stop at Pleasant Valley Lanes in Altoona, Pennsylvania, though he bowled an embarrassing, "ludicrously low" 37.

Clinton shared a similarly scarring experience in 2008 after challenging Obama to a bowl-off. In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Clinton missed every single pin on her first try, and she only knocked down one pin on her second try.

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