Anti-Trump Group Founder: Democrats Who Don’t Talk About ‘Impeachment Constantly’ Should Leave the Party


The founder of an anti-President Donald Trump group told the Associated Press that Democrats "need to be talking about impeachment constantly" and added that elected party members who do not do so should leave.

"We need to be talking about impeachment constantly," said Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the recently formed Democratic Coalition Against Trump.

He added on Twitter on July 9 that, "If you're an elected Dem & you're not talking impeachment or 25th amendment then find a new party."

A spokesman for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump told the Washington Free Beacon that the group stands behind Dworkin's statement and impeachment needs to remain a political option.

The Associated Press article delved into divisions within the Democratic Party about messaging in the Trump administration. While Trump struggles with poor polling, the Russia investigation, and a stalled agenda, Democrats are still perceived to lack a cohesive message.

A new Washington Post / ABC News poll showed only 37 percent of Americans feel the Democrats stand for something, while 52 percent said it only stood against Trump.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D., Calif.) introduced an article of impeachment last week against Trump for obstruction of justice regarding the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, but the measure has not picked up momentum. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has remarked that she is not enthusiastic about such a move by the Democrats.

Democratic operative Zac Petkanas, who led Hillary Clinton's campaign war room, said it would be a "fundamental mistake" for Democrats to focus on impeachment rather than issues like health care.

"Candidates need to be saying the word ‘health care' five times for every time they say the word ‘Russia,'" Petkanas said. "I think it's a fundamental mistake to make this election a referendum on impeachment."

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