U.S. Military Member Injured in Brussels Terror Attacks

In this image taken from TV, emergency services attend to scene after explosion at subway station in Brussels / AP


At least one member of the U.S. military and his family were injured in the terror attacks in Brussels that killed more than 30 people Tuesday morning.

The Military Timesciting defense officials, reported the development early Tuesday afternoon. Officials at the U.S. European Command initially said that all troops operating in the region had been accounted for.

"We are aware of one U.S. service member and his family who were caught up in this tragedy. Due to privacy concerns, we are not releasing the status of their injuries at this time," Navy Lt. Cheryl Collins, a spokeswoman for the command, told the publication via email.

A reporter for the Associated Press later identified the wounded service member as an Air Force lieutenant colonel.

"To confirm the safety of all U.S. military personnel and families, to include those on pre-approved leaves and other official travel, we continue to seek 100 percent accountability from all subordinate commands and units," Collins continued in the statement.

"We are working closely with our interagency partners and host nation counterparts to determine the appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security of all U.S. personnel," she added.

Earlier Tuesday, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R., N.J.), who chairs the House subcommittee on defense appropriations, said during a hearing on Capitol Hill that six American citizens, including five U.S. military family members, had been injured in the attacks in Brussels.

Two explosions occurred at Brussels Airport in Zaventem Tuesday morning, which were followed by a blast at the Maelbeek subway station approximately an hour later. The attacks killed at least 31 people and injured at least 187 more.

Three Mormon missionaries were seriously wounded in the attacks at the international airport in Brussels, according to a statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said ahead of a House Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday that the United States is working to account for all American civilians and service members in Belgium.

President Obama, who was briefed on the situation in Brussels during his travels in Cuba, swiftly addressed the attacks during remarks from Havana, promising that the United States will "do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium."

The attacks came just days after authorities in Brussels captured Salah Abdeslam, a prime suspect in the November terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people, in the suburb of Molenbeek. The terror group behind the Paris attacks, ISIS, has also claimed responsibility for the Brussels explosions.

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