New Ad Touts Tom Cotton’s Military Service


The Government Integrity Action Fund released another ad showcasing Arkansas GOP Senate candidate Tom Cotton's military record.

Two recent polls show an extremely tight race in the Natural State after a New York Times poll earlier last month showed Cotton down by 10. The recent data increasingly suggests the NYT poll was an outlier.

Possibly further impacting the electoral landscape, Cotton's opponent Sen. Mark Pryor (D., Ark.) was hit with a subtly devastating profile last week in The Washington Post. When Pryor was asked why he got into politics, he struggled to come up with an answer. "I don’t really have that one issue, or one cause that has gotten me involved in this. I just believe in good government, and working hard," he said.

Pryor's inherited position in the Senate is largely due to being the son of former Arkansas Governor David Pryor (D). Pryor the elder, who once held the Senate seat, actively campaigned for his son when he ran in 2002.