Indecent Exposure on Nancy Pelosi Drive


An indecent exposure citation was reported Wednesday on the 400 block of Nancy Pelosi Drive in San Francisco.

The city renamed Middle Drive East, which connects Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and John F. Kennedy Drive, after the House minority leader last year.

"When I heard about it I said, ‘No, no, please don't do that. I'm embarrassed, please don't do that,'" Pelosi said at the ceremony last year, "until I heard that it was between JFK and MLK Jr. Drive and then I thought, ‘Well, I would like to go there and bear witness to the greatness of those two men and bring all of you with me' and here we are today."

The street's namesake criticized San Francisco lawmakers who balked at a public nudity ban instituted by the city last year.

"Enough with the public nudity," she told the Huffington Post in February. "Please. We have our standards."

"Supervisor Wiener is a very progressive supervisor," she said of one city supervisor who opposed the city ban. "But kids don’t go to the park for—yuck."