Chaffetz: Secretary Clinton Is Going to Get ‘Very Hard Questions’


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) discussed some of the questions he anticipates will be posed to Secretary Clinton in her upcoming hearing on Benghazi Wednesday morning on CNN:

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN: Let's get right to talking about what you would like to hear if you were in a position to grill the Secretary of State, because you have been pushing for answers on Benghazi a long time, you and I have been chatting about that for the last [few] months, what do you think is left to hear?

JASON CHAFFETZ: Our consulate in Benghazi was bombed in April of 2011, it was bombed again in June 2011, what did the State Department do about that? Did that rise to the level of going to the President of the United States, I think so and I would hope so. So what did they do knowing there were security attacks, and that the ambassador himself, the regional security officer was asking for our help, and that those things were denied. And in the attack herself, what was her participation? She was the one that famously ran the ad against Barack Obama, "It's against 3:00 AM, the attack comes, what's he going to do?" President [Obama] and Secretary Clinton were both on watch that night, and we had an ambassador was missing for something like seven hours with no assets brought in to try to relieve the attack, there are serious questions about that. And then of course after the attack, why was the American public and the world misled for so long about a video that the Accountability Review Board said had nothing to do with the attack itself?

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