The Ceasefire in Ukraine is Being Ignored by Moscow


As exercises in cognitive dissonance go, it’s hard to beat the first sentence of this Washington Post report on events in Ukraine:

Fighting intensified in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday despite a fragile cease-fire, as pro-Russian rebels appeared to be close to capturing the strategically important Donetsk airport.

This ceasefire appears to be fragile in the sense that a piece of china you have just shattered is fragile.

In the Post’s defense, at least some of the parties to the truce still speak as though it is still in effect. The Ukrainian government, perhaps fearing the military consequences of a complete breakdown and hoping to buy some time, is “reluctant” to declare the agreement over, according to the Post.

Put Michelle Obama In Charge of the Secret Service

Michelle Obama

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson appeared before a congressional committee today to address concerns over the recent breach of the White House by a deranged and armed and surprisingly swift 42-year-old who wanted to tell the president that the atmosphere was collapsing.

She did not encounter a warm reception.