‘What Are We Going to Do About Energy?’


President Obama is launching a new television ad attacking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s close ties to oil companies, but a 2006 C-Span clip shows then-Senator Obama criticizing this exact kind of political attack, according to the Weekly Standard:

"People want serious answers to these problems," Obama said. "If you’re going to talk about energy for example. The easiest thing in the world is to look at Exxon Mobil’s profits last quarter and say these folks are making $36 billion in one quarter, the CEO is making $500 million, and gas prices are high and we’re getting gouged. That may be sufficient because it does describe the degree to which the powerful have made out like bandits over the last several years. That may be sufficient to get us through this election, but after the election, people then are going to say, ok smart guy, what are we going to do about energy?"