Dem Crusade Against E-Cigs Drags On

Democratic senators want to ban e-cigs on airplanes

Jenny McCarthy / AP


After accusing Hollywood A-listers of "killing" their fans, proposing a ban on marketing, and insisting on tougher FDA regulations, a group of Senate Democrats are now calling for electronic cigarettes to be banned on airplanes.

The Hill reports:

A group of Democratic senators called Tuesday for the Department of Transportation to end an "unacceptable" delay in implementing a ban on electronic cigarettes on airplanes.

The senators said Tuesday in a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx that the agency is two years behind schedule in finalizing rules that would ban the use of e-cigarettes during flights.

"While many major carriers have decided to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes, federal regulations still allow these products to be used during flight," the lawmakers wrote. […]

The letter was signed by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif), Dick Durbin (D.-Ill.), Tom Harkin (D.-Iowa), Richard Blumenthal (D.-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D.-Ohio), Jack Reed (D.-R.I.) and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.).

The same group of Democrats admitted that there is "no way of knowing" whether e-cigarettes are harmful or not, despite insisting on heavy regulation for the popular smoking cessation tool.

Harkin has vowed regulating e-cigarettes will be his "final agenda" before he retires.

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