Robbers Accidentally Hold Up Pub Full of Off-Duty Police Officers

A Baltimore city police officer during the National Anthem at a baseball game / Getty Images

A Baltimore city police officer during the National Anthem at a baseball game / Getty Images


Two armed robbers were in for a surprise Tuesday when the bar they attempted to hold up was full of off-duty police officers.

Joseph McInnis III, 21, and Tyree McCoy, 22, held up a clerk at the take-out portion of Monaghan's Pub in Woodlawn, Md., WBAL-TV Baltimore reported. What they did not know was that the pub was hosting a police officer's retirement party, and dozens of off-duty officers were present.

Immediately after McInnis and McCoy fled, the clerk notified the off-duty officers to the armed robbery. The robbers had not gone far, investigators said, when several officers ran out and took them into custody.

None of the employees, patrons, or officers were injured, police reported. The two men have been charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun, and are currently being held without bail. It has not been revealed how much money McInnis and McCoy initially got away with.

Police are also reviewing the propriety of McCoy's arrest in a "use of force" investigation.

Charles Fain Lehman

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