War On Men: NJ Democrat Wants Valentine’s Day in August

Wikimedia Commons

A New Jersey assemblyman wants to force men to waste a bunch of money on cards, flowers, candy, over-priced dinners, and jewelry in August. He's proposed a "Half Valentine's Day" to be celebrated on August 14th every year.

Quick: Guess which party he belongs to!

You guessed it! The DEMOCRAT from Essex, John McKeon, says "The harsh weather in New Jersey on Valentine’s Day caused many residents to change their holiday plans and as a result, many businesses were adversely impacted and saw reductions in customer traffic and revenues compared to prior years."

So maybe this is somehow linked to global warming and carbon emissions too.

As if Valentine's Day occurring once a year isn't enough of a bogus, trumped up excuse to bilk money out of guys who don't want to get in trouble if they don't bring their "A game" this guy wants to make the Hallmark-invented spend-fest a biannual tradition.

"If we could do something that’s not usually a busy time of year to help merchants get a couple dollars in the door, why not?" McKeon told the Jersey Journal. "It’s not … my crowning achievement in the legislature, but it’s hopefully something that will be simple and will be embraced by local chambers of commerce to try to help out local businesses."

To be fair, we should spread our outrage in the direction of both parties as the idea apparently originated from a local Republican in Roseland, N.J. Councilman Richard N. Leonard first introduced a resolution at the local level. He said the nearby towns of Caldwell and West Caldwell followed suit by passing a similar resolution.

The Republican (who should be immediately drummed out of the party with torches and pitchforks) sounds positively "Pelosi-esque" when describing the anti-man movement: "It’s a unifier. It’s a way of bringing businesses, towns, and individuals together."

I think I speak for all of us when I say that if Chris Christie signs this bill he is finished as a viable candidate on the national level. The world is watching, Gov. Christie. The world is watching.