14 filibuster reading suggestions for Rand Paul

At some point Rand Paul and friends will run out of things to read. He did, after all, just request a recitation of William B. Travis' last words at the Alamo. Failing that, here are some suggestions:

The Vanity Fair Taylor Swift issue (as requested by Dashiell Bennett).

The lyrics to "Hot Blooded."

"The Waste Land."

Some highlights from the Ron Paul newsletters.

Every winner of the Grammy award for "Best Album Notes," an award I didn’t know existed until about 20 minutes ago when TWS’ Michael Warren told me about it, since 1964.

100 Things You Should Know About STDs.

The back half of Finnegan’s Wake, because it's possible it's never been read by anyone.

And segue that right into a free form ranking of the Fast and Furious movies.

The New Yorker piece on Aaron Swartz…

…and the GQ piece on developing the modern movie star, which taken together, you get to thinking about the challenge of inherent talent and discipline.

The screenplay for The Rock.

A few Miguel songs.

That Nora Ephron essay on The Fountainhead.

The good parts of The Fountainhead.

Update: Appendix A, y'all:

Peggy Hill's musings; sample: "They say time flies, but with the way the airlines are going these days, maybe time should take the bus." (via Leah Friedman)

Courtesy my brother: Deliver Coach Yoast's speech from Remember the Titans; sing "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson; and two I can't print.