Owen Wilson, Action Star


I enjoyed the new movie No Escape quite a bit. (If you want to catch up: My review is here, a Washington Post essay on why the film’s silly politics aren’t a distraction is here, and Tumblr-based mockery of the film’s detractors is here.) I liked it in part because it was a reminder that, for a while, Owen Wilson was one of the more interesting actors in action flicks out there.

Some have suggested that Wilson is playing against type in the new film—that it’s odd to see him in an action-packed feature rather than a comedy where his naturally awkward sensibility is better suited. But this is an odd reading of Wilson’s career, one that forgets many of his early roles. If anything, No Escape is a welcome return to form from an actor who could’ve been one of the more interesting young action stars of the last two decades.

Grey Hair, Silver Lining: Hillary Clinton Polls Well With Elderly Voters

Senior living

The most recent Quinnipiac poll is awful news for Hillary Clinton. Most voters don’t view her in a favorable light, and the first words that come to mind when they think of her are “liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy,” while “bitch” and “murder” are slightly lower down the list. She’s getting outperformed by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in head-to-head match-ups with the leading Republican candidates. Democratic voters seem to be holding out for Joe, because they love him.

#ThrowbackThursday: Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama


Remember that time Hillary Clinton thought she would win the Democratic nomination and then become president only to be thwarted by a plucky upstart named Barack Obama? That must have been pretty humiliating. It’s easy to forgot how nasty that race was. On #ThrowbackThursday, we invite you to recall the good old days of sick burns, witty barbs, and John Edwards.

What Donald Trump Can Teach Other Republicans About Attacking Donald Trump


Donald Trump is dominating the 2016 Republican field, and has shown no sign of slowing down. Some of the other candidates are beginning to take him seriously, and have tried to attack. But if they really want to get under The Donald’s skin, they’re going have to do better than this:

That’s some weak tea, and it’s not going to work. If anything, it’s counterproductive. The other Republican candidates can’t beat The Donald if they continue to abide by the Beltway political conventions that Trump brazenly defies on a daily basis. They have to beat him at his own game.

Here’s how:

Immigration Questions for Democrats


Republicans get asked about immigration all the time, mostly to get their reactions to something Donald Trump said, but not always. Democrats hardly ever get asked about immigration, and when they do it’s always to get their reaction to something a Republican said (in response to an actual question about immigration).

Immigration is a controversial issue, and far more complex than the media coverage would have you believe. For example: “Should there be a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?” is not the only question that requires an answer in the debate over immigration reform. If reporters really wanted to, they could force Democrats to weigh in on some of the more contentious (and severely under-covered) aspects of the immigration debate, by asking questions like…

FLASHFORWARD: President Donald Trump Assembles Tremendous Cabinet, Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Class is in session, losers.

Donald Trump is surging in the polls and thrusting his way into the hearts and minds of American voters. That thing with the stock market proves he’s right about China, just as he’s right about most things. It’s an empirical fact, for example, that Heidi Klum is no longer a 10—and we’re sorry, Heidi, not all women are tens, either. For speaking the truth about Klum alone, Trump will make a fabulous president. But the task of making America great again is bigger than any one tremendously classy man. History’s boldest leaders, such as Napoleon, have always surrounding themselves with top talent. Trump is sure to follow suit. Here is an exclusive look at his future cabinet: