Darren Aronofsky Films, Ranked by Unpleasantness (New Substandard!)

In the latest episode of the Substandard (subscribe, review, whatever, it don’t matter, none of this matters) we talked a lot about ice cream and then a lot about movies we hated, or movies we loved but never wanted to see again, or … I dunno, JVL had a bunch of categories. You’ll have to listen to find out.

Anyway, since I love ranking things and you love ranking things and then we love to fight about the rankings of things, I figured since the episode is kinda-sorta about Darren Aronofsky’s latest, mother! I’d rank his films. Sounds like fun, right? RIGHT? Pour yourself a stiff one and then step on in to my parade of sadness.

The Best Stupid Invention Ever

In the latest mini-episode of the Substandard—to which you should subscribe and for which you should leave a review (five stars, please)—JVL wanted to talk about pumpkin spice. So we did. But he also suggested that “grapefruit” is the official flavor of summer. This is, of course, nonsense. However, it does give me an excuse to talk about one of my all time favorite unnecessary inventions: the double-blade grapefruit knife. After the embed, let’s talk about this for a moment, shall we?

Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School Announces Additional Visiting Fellows

British MPClass includes first wizard and al-Qaeda leader. Cambridge, MA – The Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School is pleased to announce additional Visiting Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year. “Broadening the range and depth of opportunity for students to hear from and engage with experts, leaders and policy-shapers is a cornerstone of the …

Frank Vincent, 1939-2017

Yesterday it was reported that actor Frank Vincent died following complications in surgery. According to TMZ, Vincent had suffered a heart attack last week. He was 78.

Hillary Clinton’s Pie Chart of Blame

Hillary Clinton / Getty Images

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, cohost Savannah Guthrie asked former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “And if we put all those factors that you just laid out in a pie chart, what’s the biggest cause of your loss?” Clinton cited the reopening of the Comey investigation, interference by the Russians, misogyny, and endemic sexism among other factors.