NFL Week 7 Picks, with Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky / Instagram

My plan was to go back to the well with Emily Ratajkowski this week. The last two weeks, both devoted to her, have been great for my picks. Then I was watching the Chicago Cubs play the Los Angeles Dodgers last night and saw Emily sitting in the stands. Clearly very happy to be @dodgers …

On the Metaphysics of Throwing Your Vote Away


As someone who is friendly with a lot of libertarians, I’ve spent much of the last few election cycles hearing them complain about others complaining that they (the libertarians) are throwing away their votes.

Fan Theories Are Bad

THEORY: Your theory about these characters is dumb and bad

I’ve highlighted my distaste for fan theories before, so I’m not going to rehash that here. I just want to briefly call attention to this fine essay by David Roark over at First Things about the ways in which fan theories are, at heart, anti-art. Here’s Roark:

NFL Week 6 Picks, with Emily Ratajkowski GIFs

emrata sweet waterfall dance

I live by the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I hit a bunch of games last week so I see no reason to stray away from my decision to go all out with Emily Ratajkowski. There still is room for improvement, of course, so this week I decided to put all the pictures …

Sweaters, Ranked

Ken Bone, area meme

Everyone loves Ken Bone not because Ken Bone is a high-minded philosopher or an everyman struggling to get by, but because Ken Bone rocks a red quarter-zip like nobody’s business. Ken Bone is great because Ken Bone reminds us that the best season is autumn, when one can really work on one’s layering game.

In the spirit of Ken Bone, then, allow me to offer the following ranking of sweaters/sweater-like apparel. All sweaters are great, but some are greater than others.