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Donald Trump

I had been of the mind that if only Donald Trump stuck to his prepared remarks and delivered them with some discipline, he would be the recipient of positive attention following his speech in Cleveland tonight, perhaps even in quarters that go beyond his natural base of support. But after that long, dark, angry, bridge-burning, personality-cult-driven, blood-and-soil speech, a kind of Buchanan-for-Dummies remix of the ’92 convention, I can’t see how this will be the case.

‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition: One More Subtitle’ Review

Snyder, Zack. Neocon Jesus of Steel at Golgotha. 2016.

As one of the world’s foremost Zack Snyder apologists, it pained me to give a Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice a negative review. Unlike many of the Snyder-haters out there, I actually like his vision for the DC universe. I think it’s interesting to imagine what would happen if an invulnerable man fell from the sky and was introduced to the world by destroying a small part of it in a fight with a similarly powered individual. Would people hail him as Superman? Or would they fear him as the superman?

How to Talk About Ghostbusters Without Sounding Like a Jerk


As I’ve noted elsewhere, the discussion surrounding the reboot of Ghostbusters (1984) is pretty terrible because Ghostbusters (2016) has devolved into a front in the culture war and no culture war issue can ever be discussed with anything resembling decency. Allow me, then, to offer a few do’s and don’ts for discussing the reboot without sounding like an idiot or a jerk.

Melania Trump’s Pseudo-Crime

Republican National Convention - Day One - Cleveland

If it hadn’t been reported that convention speeches fall under the purview of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, I’d suspect Trump’s three eldest children—the fruit of his marriage to Ivana, all of whom have a significant role in their father’s campaign—of intentionally doing step-mom Melania in. Fun as that thought is, the truth is of course more likely to do with garden variety incompetence in a gonzo campaign. It does heighten the moment that the counterfeit passages have to do with hard work and integrity, doesn’t it?

Still. Rather than being outraged over this particular incident, I’m sympathetic to Nate Silver’s observation:

Why Melania Trump’s Speech Was Perfect, With Pictures


A lot of attention is being paid to accusations that Melania Trump may have snatched a line or two of her convention speech from Michelle Obama, but the truth is that nobody really remembers Michelle’s 2008 speech and, in my opinion, Melania’s will never be forgotten.

French Fries Ranked for #NationalFrenchFryDay

god's gift to man

Here is the objectively correct ranking of chain restaurant french fries. Please do not contradict it. Save your crying about why you like garbage fries from Checker’s for someone who cares. 1. Chick-Fil-A So good. Pairs perfectly with any sauce. The waffle shape is key and all-too-rare in the franchise world. 2. Arby’s It’s now a …