Even the New York Times Agrees: Sean Eldridge Is the Worst Candidate of 2014


A recent Free Beacon analysis concluded that Sean Eldridge, the Democrat running for Congress in New York’s 19th district, is the worst candidate of the 2014 cycle. On Friday, the New York Times endorsed our analysis. In a profile of Eldridge’s opponent, incumbent Rep. Chris Gibson (R., N.Y.), the Times described Eldridge as “a first-time Democratic candidate with a thin résumé and a thick wallet.”

There only one problem with the Times’ assessment. Eldridge may have a “thick wallet,” but it doesn’t belong to him. The money belongs to his husband, Chris Hughes, who made millions after being randomly selected to be Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard. Hughes has already purchased two mansions in neighboring congressional districts in an effort to fulfill his husband’s political ambitions. When Eldridge loses in November, the couple will inevitably move somewhere else so he can run again.

John Allen Is Not Getting Good Reviews

John Allen with the Egyptian Foreign Minister / AP

Retired Marine General John Allen is hard at work coordinating the Obama administration’s response to the Islamic State, and the early reviews are in. They are not positive.

On Forbearance: or, Why I Pity Jonathan Chait

By Flickr user Simon Cunningham

In lieu of a movie review this week, we’ve published my chapter from The Seven Deadly Virtues. (You can buy it here!) If you’re a reader of this here blog, it may seem a bit familiar to you. Consider it a thesis statement on “The Politicized Life.”

Consider it also a rebuttal to Jonathan Chait’s sad statement of intolerance. In a much-discussed essay, Jonathan Chait celebrated the politicized life, implicitly called for political segregation, and announced that he would be saddened if his daughter came home with a Republican soulmate:

Ellison’s Must Read of the Day

Ellison must read

My must read of the day “Landrieu on Obama: South Not Always ‘Friendliest Place for African-Americans,’” on NBCNews.com.

ORANGE SCARE: Why Halloween Threatens America

A young Biff Diddle (right) celebrates Halloween.

Today, America’s children will take to the streets. Fortunately, it won’t be to cast votes. (It’s bad enough that non-military citizens under 40 are allowed to vote, in my humble opinion.)

No, what I’m talking about is much, much worse: the godforsaken ritual known as “Halloween.”

As far as made-up holidays go, Halloween is more of an abomination than Thanksgiving, which, as I have previously explained, is basically a glorified ode to appeasement, teeming with hideous gourds. Dining with the enemy? Sounds like something John Kerry would do.



Adam Kredo, who has been with the Washington Free Beacon since its launch in February 2012, was stripped of his lunch privileges on Thursday. From now on, he will only be allowed to consume food in his office if the door is closed, and must have all of his food choices pre-approved by Free Beacon chairman Michael Goldfarb.

His forfeiture of these privileges—granted to those who have been with the organization for at least one year and demonstrated a profound regard for American values and armed intervention—was the culmination of months of vicious rows with Goldfarb, editor Matthew Continetti, the entire Free Beacon staff, and our owners in the Taiwanese military high command.

EXCLUSIVE: How to Back Hillary Clinton into a Corner

Hillary in a corner (artist's rendering)

THE POLITICO MAGAZINE has published an extensive report on the efforts of GOP operatives and “scoop factories” like the Washington Free Beacon to answer the “most pressing question” leading up to 2016 presidential race: How to back Hillary Clinton into a corner.

The Free Beacon’s team on analysts have been working on this project for while, and in light of the THE POLITICO story, we are finally ready to publish our preliminary findings. To back Hillary Clinton into a corner, simply consult the following charts.