The Best Decade in Filmmaking History (Plus: New Podcast!)

Francis Ford Coppola accepting an Oscar for The Godfather Part II / AP

In this week’s episode of The Substandard, JVL, Vic, and I discuss the Oscars! Not what’s going to happen this year, really—La La Land is going to win best picture, director, and actress; the only real drama revolves around Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington duking it out for best actor—but what’s happened in past years. JVL chose the five worst winners of all time, Vic picked the five best, and I picked the five worst omissions. It was a lot of fun to record and I think you’ll really enjoy it too. Subscribe! Leave a review.

Are You Ready For the Coming Chafee Moment?


Regular Beacon readers will remember that my first full-time writing job at this publication was Chafee correspondent during the last election. It was very short-lived, alas. On October 23, scarcely a week after his breakout, “I’ve never had a scandal” performance at the first Democratic presidential debate, he stunned the world by announcing to those of …

President Trump: Build Up That Death Star!


Big news people: We are almost definitely still alone not alone! According to the Science™:

Life may have evolved on at least three planets in a newly discovered solar system just 39 light years from Earth, NASA has announced.

Astronomers have detected no less than seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a cool dwarf star known as TRAPPIST-1.

Young People Should Buy Cheap Couches

The world's worst couch, apparently.

As someone who has a.) bought a couch and b.) shopped at West Elm, but c.) never bought a couch from West Elm, I found this piece on the shoddiness of the West Elm couch “Peggy” to be rather entertaining. Entertaining and informative! Because people are ginormous spendthrifts, apparently.

John Wick Podcast! John Wick Podcast!

John Wick Podcast

Well, impending heart attack. If we keep shoving fried-chicken-covered tacos down Vic’s gullet, he’s not going to be with us much longer. Subscribe! Leave a review! Every time you leave a review, Donald Trump promises to do a 77-minute press conference. You don’t … hate the press, do you?

Emily Ratajkowski, Heroine

Emrata Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski’s status as an American treasure was cemented last night when she sat next to a #FakeNews reporter from the failing New York Times. Sat next to a journalist from the NYT last night who told me “Melania is a hooker.” Whatever your politics it’s crucial to call this out for — Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) …