Mark Takano’s List of Jane Austen Characters is Cliché, Embarrassing

really, bro?

Like the Freemasons, Janeites are a welcoming fraternity. To join, all one need do is acknowledge the Supreme Being and Sacred Author and swear upon a book of Holy Writ. Our harmonious body welcomes all colors and, unlike the Grand Lodges of England and the United States, both sexes. We do, however, possess certain norms of conduct, universally if not formally adopted, the most important of which is that Pride and Prejudice is not to be venerated to the exclusion or neglect of the Prime Mover’s other works.

Churchman Comes to the Supermarket

Trader Joe's

My wife does virtually all the grocery shopping without me. There are many reasons for this. Typically the activity happens during the day, when I have obligations towards my employer and the Continental Pool Lounge. I also hate making shopping lists or any other lists that aren’t “Top 10 Pre-’67 Rolling Stones B-Sides.” You get dirty looks if you smoke in front near the carts. But the most important reason is that I don’t like going to Trader Joe’s, where about half the foodstuffs consumed chez Walther are purchased.

Brexit Isn’t a Catastrophe. It’s an Opportunity.

'Always look on the bright side of life!'

The hysterical tone dominating American coverage of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union is drowning out a necessary debate about how the results of the referendum can be turned to global advantage. The results of this rupture in the EU will not be universally good, and some, as in the case of short- or middle-term economic disruption and (likely) Scottish secession, will be very regrettable indeed.

But come on.

The Hero America Needs Right Now—But Who Is He?

Who said it

If you’re one of the 99.8 percent of people who don’t watch C-SPAN or one of the 98.6 percent of people who pay no attention to Politics Twitter, you probably missed the fact that House Democrats are throwing a giant hissy fit on the floor of the House of Representatives because the GOP won’t call a vote on a bill that would allow nameless bureaucrats to restrict peoples’ rights with no due process protections whatsoever.

You also missed the emergence of a great American hero:

When Is My Woman Card Going to Arrive?

Your correspondent dodging sniper fire with the best of 'em

I remember it like it was yesterday. On April 30, I got an email from Robby Mook explaining that it was my last chance to get an official “Woman Card” from the Hillary Clinton campaign: Let the Republicans keep demeaning this team and Hillary — we’re going to come back twice as strong and show …

My Sad Life, Or, Why I Haven’t Filed


I am sitting at my desk with a laptop that is not mine, unable to access my email account or even open Microsoft Word, trying to explain to my boss why I have not written a piece that I hoped would be ready by now. (I am also thinking ahead to a glorious future when I can …

New Kindle Single Proves ‘Die Hard’ Is Not a Christmas Movie

Pajama Boy Die Hard

Brian Abrams was kind enough to send over his latest Kindle Single, “Die Hard: An Oral History.” It’s quite short (should take you an hour to read, maybe less) and filled with interesting tidbits (like producer Joel Silver putting steak and lobster on the craft services table since everyone was working long hours and he …