Hillary and Osama

Hillary al-Clinton.

I’ve long suspected that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 agenda would be inspired by terrorists. These two headlines speak for themselves, folks.

The True Message of ‘Tomorrowland’ (Spoilers)


This is the latest in a series of posts in which I argue that a movie’s true lesson is the opposite of its more obvious lesson. Previous installments include “Elysium is actually an anti-Obamacare parable,” “Star Trek Into Darkness is pro-drone strike,” and “Godzilla: The Anti-Global-Warming-Alarmism Blockbuster.” This week, we’ll discuss Tomorrowland (review here). Spoilers for that movie below.

No, seriously, I’m going to discuss the whole last 20 minutes of the film. Lots of spoilers. Here, enjoy this picture of grizzled George Clooney in order to keep you from seeing the spoilers in case you accidentally clicked on the story with “spoilers” in the headline and then kept reading despite the spoiler warning in the first paragraph and a second spoiler warning in this graf. I don’t want you babies crying about spoilers.

Clinton Foundation Donors Are Having a Bad Week


It’s been a bad week for donors to the Clinton Foundation, the so-called charitable organization run by members of the Clinton political dynasty. Clinton Foundation donors who are currently dealing with adversity include:

Forgiveness in the Age of Outrage

'Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure' / AP

There are a pair of complementary pieces running on ideologically opposite sites today about who we choose to forgive and why: The Federalist highlights the entertainment industry’s seeming inability to forgive Mel Gibson while the New Republic asks “Why won’t Twitter forgive Suey Park.” Gibson, you may remember, had a whole series of problems in the mid-to-late oughts—most famous was the time he called a female police officer “sugar tits” and suggested that the Jews are to blame for the world’s problems, but then there was that whole, weird, possibly-physically-abusive-toward-his-girlfriend thing—while Park is most famous for the #CancelColbert campaign, during which she attempted to whip up an outrage mob to get someone fired for making a (not at all) racist joke that Park thought was racist.

Here’s Mark Hemingway on Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.:

Obama to Coast Guard Grads: Focus on Climate Change

Barack Obama, Christian Robert von Stralendorff

Sending the newest class of Coast Guard officers out into the world yesterday, dangerous as it is, President Obama decided that the most pressing issue they needed to hear about from their commander in chief was the threat of climate change. There were plenty of objectionable elements to the remarks. The implication that an anticipated rise in sea levels is more of a concern to the uniformed services than terrorism certainly grated, as did Obama’s anti-democratic insistence that the issue “cannot be subject to the usual politics and the usual rhetoric,” presumably because things have reached such a crisis that we all must just do what he says. The notion that climate change poses risks of “instability” and “conflict,” not to say the possibility of “climate refugees,” sounded just delusional, considering how much instability and conflict, and how many refugees, are out there right now because of the the various crises caused by American withdrawal from the world.

Another Iraq Question for Hillary Clinton


After nearly a month of not taking a single question from the press, Hillary Clinton finally made herself available for a brief five minutes on Tuesday in Iowa and took some questions including whether she thought the United States was “better off without Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.”