This Is Why They Hate Us

A tale of two cities

As a decadent Beltway establishment RINO in good standing, I have to say: I don’t really have a problem with the White House Correspondents Dinner as a concept. People who unironically call it “Nerd Prom” should be killed, but the event itself … is kind of fun! Yes, it’s gotten out of hand in recent years, as Hollywood has flooded the zone and news orgs try to one up each other by leveraging their synergy with their corporate parents and their advertisers to bring A- or B-Plus-List celebs to hobnob with ad-buyers and high-level editors who haven’t actually performed an interview in years. Still. The parties beforehand, the parties after, mingling with people you would otherwise never get a chance to mingle with, hearing the president tell a few jokes. Good times!

However. Treating this evening as if it’s something the rest of the country should care about is, at best, tone deaf. Does anyone really care if the president tells a joke to a room filled with journalists who wish they were pretty enough to be celebrities and celebrities who wish they were smart enough to hold forth on the political issues of the day? Of course not. D.C. resembles Panem no more than it does on this weekend.

Everything’s A Problem!

Michael Buble's Gross Misogyny (smdh)

#Protip: When you get called out for being a misogynist or a racist or any other kind of -ist, do yourself a favor and offer up an actual apology and not a non-apology.