Fairer Questions for the Next Debate


It seems relatively obvious that Hillary Clinton won the debate last night. Trump hurt her early on TPP and NAFTA—her flip flop on the Trans Pacific Partnership is, simply, unbelievable—but she held her own or bested him everywhere else. Sure, she made utterly ridiculous claims like “tax cuts caused the financial crisis of 2008,” but Trump was borderline incoherent in many of his answers, defended Russia and criticized NATO, failed to hurt her on her emails, got hit hard on racial bias in renting apartments, and, to top it all off, suggested levying what will almost certainly be referred to as an “Oreo Tax” for the rest of the election:

You Have Entered the Donald Trump Zone


Moments before the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton began, people remarked how surreal the experience would be. Who would have thought, a year ago, that the first presidential debate would feature Hillary Clinton versus, of all people, Donald J. Trump? It is a feeling that Republicans and conservatives have experienced since Trump descended from an escalator in one of his skyscrapers more than a year ago. The dream-like quality of having a piece of the popular culture embed itself in politics is disorienting, disrupting. Tonight the world knows what it’s like.

First Debate Predictions


I don’t know what will happen tonight. You don’t know what will happen tonight. No one knows what will happen tonight. Not even the candidates know what will happen tonight. I’m 80 percent sure that Donald Trump just makes it up as he goes. That being said: I have many predictions about what will happen …

Week 3 NFL Picks, With #PumaWoman Cara Delevingne

cara instagram

It’s not everyday that an ad campaign captures my attention. But Puma’s latest is not your run of the mill corporate project. The just-launched #PumaWoman campaign took Cara Delevingne, told her to #DoYou, and then sat back to let the magic happen. Here is the launch video for what has been described as a “strong, at …

Top Five Oliver Stone Flicks

Oliver Stone / AP

Over at the Washington Post I have a rather lengthy interview with Matt Zoller Seitz about his new book, The Oliver Stone Experience. Part one is here, part two is here. Please go read it!

John Kerry Wishes Media Wouldn’t Cover Bad News (Continued)

John Kerry

It was only three weeks ago that the secretary of state committed a perfect Washington gaffe, complaining that media coverage of terrorism is making life difficult for him and the administration he serves: “Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

NFL Week 2 Picks, With Kate Upton

Kate Upton to the rescue / Barry Wetcher

The past four months have been tough. In early May, the Washington Free Beacon learned that Kate Upton was engaged to Justin Verlander. We declared it an American tragedy, and tried to move on. “If you truly love something, you have to know when to let it go,” I was told. Over the summer, The Free Beacon had no Kate Upton. …

Never, Ever, Ever Talk Around (or to) Journalists

She's probably a journalist. Don't talk to her / AP

In D.C. you spend a lot of time around journalists. When you spend a lot of time around journalists, you pick up annoying habits—like, say, uttering “Well, off the record—” before even the most banal of statements. “Well, off the record, I hear it’s going to be 87 degrees tomorrow. Don’t quote me on that.” “Well, off the record, I think the ‘skins are going to struggle this year. But, you know, don’t publish that or anything.”