EXCLUSIVE: Washington Free Beacon Obtains Employee Manual for Klobuchar Presidential Campaign

BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Yahoo News are among the outlets that have reported in the past week that Democratic Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is something of a nightmare boss. These stories depict Klobuchar as “intolerably cruel,” who subjects her staff to “bouts of explosive rage and regular humiliation.” On one occasion, a staffer was “”””accidentally””””  hit …

Bernie Sanders Has His Own Ben Rhodes

Progressive foreign policy is at its core a paradox. It seeks to promote a more peaceful, interdependent, and egalitarian world in which human rights are protected and the developing world can flourish along with a prosperous United States. Yet the thing most capable of making all of that happen—American power in all of its forms, military and otherwise—is what progressives fear and revile the most.

EMILY’s List Does Not Care About Rape Victims

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax remains under fire after Stanford professor Vanessa Tyson accused him of sexually assaulting her at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. As I laid out Tuesday, his response to the allegation has been bizarre and erratic, including lying about his accuser’s story being debunked, threatening to sue the Washington Post when they reported otherwise, and accusing the whole thing of being a plot hatched by fellow Democrats. Since then, it’s also been reported that he privately said of his accuser “Fuck that bitch.”

BuzzFeed Horrified Twitter Won’t Remove Tweets That Don’t Violate Twitter Rules

I was horrified to discover yesterday that BuzzFeed’s Twitter account is apparently in violation of Twitter terms of service. After all, here they are tweeting out a picture of people in KKK hoods, in a tweet that explicitly notes Twitter bans tweeting “symbols historically associated with hate groups.” Twitter is allowing this altered photo comparing …

Jewish Model Harassed After Coming Out As Trump Supporter

Jewish model Elizabeth Pipko kept her work for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign a secret, fearing she would be ostracized by the liberal fashion world. Last month she came out as pro-Trump, and she’s already being called a Nazi. The 23 year old started off as a volunteer for the campaign, but was eventually hired …

Cuomo Wants to Ban Mugshots, Aides Agree

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

In times like these—oh, the casual gang murder on the subway in broad daylight—it’s important to remember what’s most important: the feelings of criminals.

REVEALED: Eastern Virginia Medical School Class Notes

The scandal engulfing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (R) was sparked by the discovery of a racist photo published in the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. The Free Beacon decided to investigate further, and has obtained a copy of the EVMS alumni newsletter published in December 2018. We were particularly intrigued by the “Class Notes” section, in which Northam is featured along with other notable alums. Enjoy!