‘Venom’ Mini-Review

Why is Venom, the alien symbiote who bonds with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), named Venom in the movie Venom? I mean, why does he call himself Venom? Why does another symbiote, this one named Riot, call Venom by the name Venom? I don’t mean this in a gotcha, Why are these weird aliens speaking English sort of way, …

The Substandard Oscars Draft

On the latest episode of the Substandard podcast (to which discerning individuals can subscribe here), we wanted to do a preview of awards season movies. As everyone knows, the studios release everything intended to be consumed by adults in the months of October, November, and December. These films generally turn out to be the Oscar …

No, Secret Russian Agents Probably Aren’t Behind ‘The Last Jedi’ Hate

The Last Jedi

Some people don’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This won’t come as surprise to many of you: the film currently has a “Rotten” audience score on RottenTomatoes despite good critical reaction, indicating that at least 100,000 people went to site specifically to complain about a Star Wars movie. The Free Beacon‘s in-house critic didn’t like the movie. But evidently, the loud and public backlash to the movie was actually a Russian plot!

Bibi’s Rallying Cry

Benjamin Netanyahu

“Anyone but King Bibi,” is the sort of derisive comment you’ll hear from a Tel Aviv resident in a bar after a couple of Goldstar lagers. But Israel’s prime minister earned the nickname as praise after his U.N. appearance last week. Like him or not, Benjamin Netanyahu has proven effective at moving the ball down the court on the Iran issue. Even the extreme leftwing Haaretz complimented him for “one of his most convincing and effective performances.”

Skepticism of Eyewitnesses Was a Cause Célèbre Until Last Week, for Some Reason

The New Yorker is one of the greatest journalistic institutions in our formidable nation. So when the New Yorker tells me to be skeptical of eyewitness testimony—that it’s unreliable; that it leads to false convictions—well, I listen! Here’s a passage from the New Yorker two years ago, in an intensely reported piece about the wrongful conviction of a man for rape: …

Brett Kavanaugh is Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Part II

Brett Kavanaugh

Yes, I’m writing a sequel to a piece I literally published yesterday. But the news cycle immediately provided me with several other examples of partisans and the media simply presuming Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt and unjustly shifting the burden of proof, and I figured I’d strike while the iron was still hot. The first pair of …

Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Found Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape. His accuser, Palo Alto University professor Christine Blasey Ford, claims that 35 years ago he held her down at a party, covered her mouth, and tried to strip her. The Supreme Court nominee says he never attended any sort of party similar to the one she …