Frank Vincent, 1939-2017

Yesterday it was reported that actor Frank Vincent died following complications in surgery. According to TMZ, Vincent had suffered a heart attack last week. He was 78.

Hillary Clinton’s Pie Chart of Blame

Hillary Clinton / Getty Images

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, cohost Savannah Guthrie asked former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “And if we put all those factors that you just laid out in a pie chart, what’s the biggest cause of your loss?” Clinton cited the reopening of the Comey investigation, interference by the Russians, misogyny, and endemic sexism among other factors.

The Louise Linton Hurricane Harvey Collection

With so much happening in the news today, it’s no wonder the media missed this minor development. The Instagram account of Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, is back up and she’s posting.

Sriracha Goes Mainstream

Last year, McDonald’s test-marketed a Big Mac in Ohio. The special sauce was blended with sriracha, that now-ubiquitous condiment consisting primarily of red chili paste and vinegar, whose origins have been traced to Thailand (specifically the subdistrict of Sriracha in Chonburi Province).