Notes from a Whiskey Competition

Last week I served as a judge for an international whiskey competition, to which friends and colleagues expressed all manner of encouragement. “Lucky you!” said one. “Lucky bastard,” joked another.

Christopher Kimball and the Meaning of Milk Street

Christopher Kimball

Eight years ago I asked Christopher Kimball point-blank if he had any interest in cooking with yuzu, a small citrus fruit popular in Japan that’s become trendy in this country. Kimball, who at the time hosted America’s Test Kitchen and edited Cook’s Illustrated, did not mince words:

“No. I have no interest, zero interest in talking about things our readers are not going to actually do. What’s the point? Unless we give people stuff they really want to use, we wouldn’t be in business.”

Can You Hear Me Now? (New Substandard)

Due to technical difficulties, this week’s Substandard is less than stellar. I know, that’s not exactly saying much. But if you care to listen to what we are calling the Bootleg Episode, we apologize in advance for the inferior sound quality.

Germany’s Election Drama

Following yesterday’s federal elections in Germany, one thing is clear: Angela Merkel will have a fourth term as chancellor. Unfortunately that is the only thing that is clear.

Poland Spring Is Not From Poland?

A class-action lawsuit is alleging Poland Spring Water and parent company Nestle have been deceiving customers for decades. But do the claims, ahem, hold any water?