Johnny Depp Is a Damn Fool

Johnny Depp

We’ve already noted here at the ole Washington Free Beacon that Johnny Depp suggested it’s time for an actor to assassinate President Trump, and I’m loathe to dwell on “actor says dumb thing about politics” stories because actors, in the main,* are dumb and prone to saying dumb shit.


Remember: Your Employees Are Idiots, Ignorable

There’s an interesting piece on the fate of the U.S. branch of the Guardian newspaper by Steven Perlberg (who has bad opinions about brown liquor but is a fine reporter on other, non-intoxicant-related matters) over at BuzzFeed. The whole thing is worth reading; I just want to highlight this bit: At the meeting, Guardian US editor Lee …

‘The Mummy’ Review

The Mummy

The Mummy isn’t a movie so much as pre-packaged movie-like substance, an unholy combination of fading star power, intellectual property of questionable value, and studio desire to create a perpetual-motion movie machine in the form of a franchise that will appeal to people around the world for decades to come.

Nadal v. Federer (New Substandard)

In the latest Substandard, JVL, Vic, and I spend most of our time chatting about The Mummy and Universal’s classic monsters. I’m writing about those tomorrow, so instead I’ll focus on what was kind of a throwaway topic that turned into ten solid minutes of #content: Rafael Nadal v. Roger Federer. (Subscribe, review, etc.)

In Wonder Woman, Girls Find New Reason to Live

By John Smith
Associate Pressings Writer
June 13, 2017

As Wonder Woman racks up dollars worldwide, proving that this Amazonian has legs at the box office, a trend has emerged: newly empowered girls are accomplishing amazing feats, inspired by this, the single greatest motion picture ever committed to film and the only action movie that has ever starred a woman, ever, in all of history.

Adam West, 1928-2017

Sadly, Adam West died this weekend at the age of 88. The star of the campy 1960s Batman TV show was much-beloved*, but what I always appreciated about him was his willingness to lean into the joke: pretty much anytime you saw him in something for the last 20-some years, West was playing West playing Batman, just in an unfamiliar setting. This is, perhaps, best seen in his recurring role as the mayor of Quahog, R.I., on the animated series Family Guy. But my personal favorite was his guest spot on Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete, where he played Little Pete’s principal and attempted to foil a great April Fool’s Day joke.