Sci-Fi Movies in Which No One Died—But Someone Should’ve


There’s a rather large spoiler for The Martian below, but it’s the one that Neil deGrasse Tyson doled out last night to his 4.3 million followers so there’s a chance you’ve already seen it. Proceed at your own risk, etc. For being a brilliant science guy, Neil deGrasse Tyson can be kind of a dick: No, dude. …

Actually, Let’s Politicize Mass Shootings


My colleague Stephen Gutowski was critical of some journalists who immediately took to Twitter after yesterday’s mass shooting to plea for “doing something.” Steve thinks it’s inappropriate to “politicize” these tragedies. I can’t say I agree. I think it’s actually a great idea. First off, it’s a handy reminder for those of us on the right …

Arthur Chu’s Grand Vision of Repressive Tolerance

Arthur Chu

There’s a rather silly piece in TechCrunch by a person best known for being a game show participant about his desire to silence those whose words and behavior he does not like via lawfare. In it, he argues that the federal government should open up basically every website with a comments section and every social media platform …

Putting Ideology Before Art Impoverishes the Imagination

'It's not fair! There was all the time I needed -- but all these books have Bad Thoughts!'

On Friday, I was pleased to take part in a panel organized by the Federalist at the Heritage Foundation on “finding the good in pop culture.” It was a fun event, though one I must admit to having been a bit nervous about participating in beforehand, having long been a vocal opponent of politicizing every aspect of …

‘Sicario’ Review

Hollywood and drugs

A taut procedural thriller tinged with the trappings of the horror and war genres that shines a light on the relentlessly self-perpetuating logic of the war on drugs, Sicario is one of the best films of the year.

Young People Less Tolerant Than Their Parents

mob pitchforks

I don’t think many will be terribly surprised to learn that the younger generation of thinkers is less tolerant than their predecessors, as argued by April Kelly-Woessner.  “What about gay rights and other minorities!” you may be crying as you sip your pumpkin spice latte. “We only refuse to tolerate the intolerable.” Ah, but that’s kind …