The Latest Evidence that Bicyclists Are Self-Absorbed Monsters

Monsters / AP

As we know, bicyclists are terrible. They’re terrible in large part because they’re horribly inconsiderate. They think it’s totally fine to do 10 mph on a street in front of a bus carrying 80 people. They think it’s fine to do 10 mph on a sidewalk where everyone else is moving 2 mph. They think it’s fine to rip up streets and parking spots in order to build infrastructure that very few people use. Their self-absorption is legendary.

It’s time to add another chapter to the legend, however. Bicyclists are so self-absorbed that they will violate ebola quarantines and risk spreading an organ-liquifying disease just so they can go on a bike ride. Not even, like, a bike ride to someplace. Just a leisurely spin on their monstrous, two-wheeled contraption.

Michael Bay-ghazi

The Auteur of Awesome / AP

Reports that Michael Bay, the Auteur of Awesome, may be tackling a feature film about Benghazi was both welcome, and rather exciting, news.

I have no particular interest in addressing the various controversies surrounding the attacks on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that led to the murder of our ambassador to that nation. It seems clear that the administration initially tried to downplay the idea that this was a terror attack. And they had good reason to, given that Obama had spent the last two years campaigning on the idea that al Qaeda was in retreat and, therefore, not an important issue. “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive,” etc. But it’s all a moot point now.

What is interesting about this news is that it seems to be a perfect fit for Bay, one of our foremost populist filmmakers. It’s a story that hits all the right populist buttons: honorable military/ex-military types fighting to the death to defend an American ambassador from a raging horde of foreign terrorists as the civilian elite completely and utterly botches the response to the attacks and the commander in chief jets off to a lavish fundraiser in Las Vegas. Even if Bay completely avoids all the political insinuations one way or the other—and I imagine he will, as his populism has never struck me as terribly partisan—he can still churn out an incendiary indictment of the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis. On film, incompetence and malfeasance are more or less interchangeable.

In Defense of the Sazerac

By Flickr user kchrist

Following last night’s fun and funny event at AEI celebrating the release of The Seven Deadly Virtues (which you should buy!), the book’s editor, publisher, and a handful of the writers who contributed to it retired to a nearby eatery to be eat, drink, and be merry. A good time was had by all, due (in part) to the alcohol.

But my choice of alcoholic beverage was found to be lacking by several of the eminence grises in attendance. I was denounced as girlish in taste and weak in spirit. There was much hooting and hollering after I ordered … a Sazerac.

Now, I have to admit to being quite confounded by this turn of events. After all, the sazerac is one of the oldest cocktails, a piece of pure Americana. Here’s Eric Felten, writing about the famed beverage in How’s Your Drink:

Moving the Goalposts Indeed

Fancy narwhal doesn't care for your comic books, thank you (image via Flickr user ostrichfarm)

Yesterday, Marvel announced that every movie until the end of time will be a Marvel production and that the future involves people working for Marvel and Marvel subsidiaries in order to earn enough money to purchase IMAX 3D tickets to said Marvel movies. Pundits hailed the Marvel-based economy. “It’s like the gold standard, but better,” one wag said. “Less prone to boom and bust. And those loony Paulistas don’t have their fingerprints on it.”

Teamster-Led Taxi Drivers Know How to Win Over Consumers!

One day a real rain's gonna come.

I enjoy writing about D.C.’s taxi drivers, some of which have been organized by the Teamsters, and their inconveniencing of customers and pushing for anti-competitive laws. I enjoy doing this because I love reminding people just how terrible both D.C. taxi drivers and unions are. It brings a smile to my face, in part because they’re doing all the work for me! I don’t even have to launch into a pro-free-trade tirade or carefully explain all of the awesome benefits competition brings consumers. Nope. To get your blood boiling, all I have to do is excerpt this Washingtonian piece:

Free Beacon Fashion Corner: Some D.C. Suiting Options

Fancy Bill's clothier of choice

Since I’ve spent all week writing about videogames and comic books, I figured I’d class the joint up a little bit and offer some fashion tips. Inspired by this rather, well, dull list of places to buy suits in Washington by the scamps at DCist*, allow me to suggest a few options that you may not have heard of. Note: This list is almost entirely aspirational. As a humble journalist my clothing budget is tight and new items are acquired on a need-to-buy basis.

‘Birdman’ Review

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

Odds are audiences will notice that Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance doesn’t quite feel like any other film they’ve seen. But they may not be sure why, at first. Constantly in motion, yet contained almost entirely within and around a smallish Broadway theater and a nearby bar, Birdman will feel to them fluid, alive, and ethereal—different from most big screen fare.

Gawker: It’s Cool to Punish OTHER People for Their Words, Just Not Us


As I’ve noted elsewhere, the most amusing aspect of the whole #GamerGate phenomenon (background here and here and here) has been the angry progressive media types confusedly looking around trying to figure out how we got to a point where they would be targeted for boycotts and the like for casual comments they have made. As Varad Mehta noted,

Crazy, right? They don’t quite understand the world they’ve created. They think it’s the worst thing in the whole world for Internet Tough Guys to make death and rape threats* and also that it’s cool to joke about Bristol Palin actually being physically assaulted by a man. Because stoopid Rethuglicans, you know? Most amusingly, they don’t even seem to understand the contradiction. So they get really butthurt when someone else whips up an Internet rage mob against them. “Don’t you understand?” they seem to be crying. “We’re the good guys here! We only take on bad people! Those Other people. That aren’t good. Like us!”