The Greatest Comedies of All Time

The good folks at the Beeb have put together a ranking of the 100 greatest film comedies of all time. Compiled from top ten lists submitted by 253 film critics around the world, it is, I think, a pretty solid effort. But I’m biased, since they were kind enough to ask me to pitch in. Everyone on Twitter is very upset, naturally.

Here was my submission:

Jon Snow: Incompetent

Plot points for the sixth episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones are discussed below. Game of Thrones used to be a show where strategic missteps, both large and small, meant something. Ned Stark lost his head when he trusted the word of a psychopathic brat with no true claim to the Iron Throne; his …

‘Logan Lucky’ Review

We all knew that Steven Soderbergh’s retirement from feature filmmaking in 2013 following the release of Side Effects was unlikely to last. Indeed, one could argue that it never really began, given his work on Cinemax’s The Knick and other projects. But it’s nice to have him officially back in business with Logan Lucky, a star-studded heist flick that calls to mind some of the eclectic director’s most popular work even if it falters a bit at the end.

Five Worst Stephen King Adaptations, Ranked (New Substandard!)

In this week’s episode of the Substandard, we talked about The Dark Tower and Stephen King adaptations. There was, of course, a ranking. But we ran out of time for me to do my five-worst list! So I’ll share that with you here, below. Remember to subscribe or leave a review. And make sure listen all the way to the end; it got a bit heated in the outtakes.

Presidential Priorities

Sometimes supporters of Donald Trump will point to the president’s limited accomplishments—the appointment of Neil Gorsuch; some executive orders—and angrily say to conservatives who hold on to their antipathy for the president and demand to know what, if anything, he could do for those who have yet to hop on the Trump Train to stop being “Never Trump.”

And the answer, if we’re being honest, is “probably nothing”? You can get a good sense why thanks to the way he’s behaved for the last couple of days. John Podhoretz brushes the broad strokes here; the big point is that it the lack of support, then and now, never really had to do with issues or with military strategy or anything like that. It had to do with temperament. Donald Trump is, simply put, temperamentally unsuited* for the job of “most powerful man in the known universe.”

‘Wind River’ Review

Wind River

There’s something to be said for Wind River’s admirable efficiency: Simple yet never simplistic, it’s a self-contained procedural clocking in at under two hours filled with impressive performances and genuine pathos that gives viewers a peek at a world they would otherwise never consider. In a summer filled with blockbusters, bloat, and bad box office receipts, Wind River is a refreshingly understated drama for the underserved adult filmgoer.

For Google to Be Pure, It Must Purge More Fully

Troubling news out of Silicon Valley, where Google—the company that knows literally everything about you and everyone you love—has been shown to employ people who think bad thoughts and, in a forum encouraging the free exchange of ideas, exchanged ideas that are Bad. I mean, can you even believe someone would write a manifesto with passages such as these?

WTF, I Love ‘Wonder Woman’ for Best Picture Now

I am on record as opposing efforts to nominate Wonder Woman—a film, for the record, that I quite liked in large part because it so successfully aped the aesthetic of Zack Snyder—for best picture at the Oscars. It’s a fine movie! It’s just not, you know, best picture material.

But, if I’m being totally honest, there’s a small, dark part of me that kind of wants it to get a nomination just to see Hollywood tear itself apart during the Oscar race. Because—again, if I’m being totally honest—the only reason that Wonder Woman would get a nomination is because a woman directed the film and this represents a step on the long, hard march toward equality and also this is a way to stick it to conservatives. Or, I dunno, something:

Actually, Dany Should Use Dragons Against King’s Landing

Spoilers for Game of Thrones through the fourth episode of the seventh season below. I was a bit confused to see this tweet from the New York Times‘ Ross Douthat regarding the use of dragons against Lannister King’s Landing: Has anyone written the dragons/King's Landing///atomic bomb/Hiroshima hot take yet? — Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) August 7, 2017 Confused …