The Hero America Needs Right Now—But Who Is He?

Who said it

If you’re one of the 99.8 percent of people who don’t watch C-SPAN or one of the 98.6 percent of people who pay no attention to Politics Twitter, you probably missed the fact that House Democrats are throwing a giant hissy fit on the floor of the House of Representatives because the GOP won’t call a vote on a bill that would allow nameless bureaucrats to restrict peoples’ rights with no due process protections whatsoever.

You also missed the emergence of a great American hero:

New Kindle Single Proves ‘Die Hard’ Is Not a Christmas Movie

Pajama Boy Die Hard

Brian Abrams was kind enough to send over his latest Kindle Single, “Die Hard: An Oral History.” It’s quite short (should take you an hour to read, maybe less) and filled with interesting tidbits (like producer Joel Silver putting steak and lobster on the craft services table since everyone was working long hours and he …

Time to Rename the GOP the ‘No Donalds Club’

No Trump

Dave Weigel points out that the GOP is running out of time if it wants to do something clever in order to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination, a drastic course of action that nevertheless seems more reasonable by the day.