Fairer Questions for the Next Debate


It seems relatively obvious that Hillary Clinton won the debate last night. Trump hurt her early on TPP and NAFTA—her flip flop on the Trans Pacific Partnership is, simply, unbelievable—but she held her own or bested him everywhere else. Sure, she made utterly ridiculous claims like “tax cuts caused the financial crisis of 2008,” but Trump was borderline incoherent in many of his answers, defended Russia and criticized NATO, failed to hurt her on her emails, got hit hard on racial bias in renting apartments, and, to top it all off, suggested levying what will almost certainly be referred to as an “Oreo Tax” for the rest of the election:

First Debate Predictions


I don’t know what will happen tonight. You don’t know what will happen tonight. No one knows what will happen tonight. Not even the candidates know what will happen tonight. I’m 80 percent sure that Donald Trump just makes it up as he goes. That being said: I have many predictions about what will happen …

Top Five Oliver Stone Flicks

Oliver Stone / AP

Over at the Washington Post I have a rather lengthy interview with Matt Zoller Seitz about his new book, The Oliver Stone Experience. Part one is here, part two is here. Please go read it!

‘The Magnificent Seven’ Review

The Magnificent 7

It’s an old story, tried and true and not yet tired: that of an outsider, or several of them, coming to town to defeat evil and protect the innocent from the wicked. The Magnificent Seven is of course a remake of The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Seven Samurai, but it could just as easily be a remake or a reimagining or a reboot of Shane or Tombstone or High Noon or Rio Bravo or Open Range or any number of classic and modern westerns.

Never, Ever, Ever Talk Around (or to) Journalists

She's probably a journalist. Don't talk to her / AP

In D.C. you spend a lot of time around journalists. When you spend a lot of time around journalists, you pick up annoying habits—like, say, uttering “Well, off the record—” before even the most banal of statements. “Well, off the record, I hear it’s going to be 87 degrees tomorrow. Don’t quote me on that.” “Well, off the record, I think the ‘skins are going to struggle this year. But, you know, don’t publish that or anything.”

Second Look at Kate Upton for President?

upton flag

One thing you want in a president is someone who loves the Constitution—and someone who has a hale and hearty constitution. Our president has to travel the world on behalf of the United States, going from the tropical climes of Southeast Asia to the frosty steppes of Russia. You want someone who isn’t going to wilt in the face of pressure, someone who can handle whatever the weather throws her way.

In other words, you don’t want someone who melts in the mid-70s.

Why ‘Basket of Deplorables’ May Help Clinton

'The basket is huge, folks. HUGE!' / AP

Hillary Clinton is a bad politician in the sense that she has trouble getting people to support her. See, for instance, when she lost what should have been a very easily won presidential primary to a half-term senator or when she had trouble closing out an ancient white socialist who had captured the hearts and minds of the youth wing of the youth party. People don’t like her and they don’t trust her and she hasn’t really done anything to help herself in the “likability” or “trust” departments. She is what she is.