Hulk Hogan and Our Two-Tier Future

Worst. Heel turn. Ever.

When news broke Friday morning that Hulk Hogan had been airbrushed out of the history of WWE via a series of deletions on the wrestling company’s website, it was clear that some bad news was about to hit the Hulkster. And there were, frankly, a very limited number of things he could’ve done to elicit such a strong reaction: he either murdered someone in cold blood on camera or he violated a cultural norm so resonant that it necessitated disappearing him altogether.

Well, the murder didn’t seem terribly likely, given that we probably would’ve gotten wind of the story after he’d been arrested. What cultural norm could’ve been violated? Considering that, over the years, he’d already been caught up in a sex tape scandal and a steroid scandal and a decades-long No One Likes Hulk Hogan In The Locker Room scandal, it had to be something especially bad. And, frankly, the only sort of scandals that call for someone being disavowed entirely are those that involve slurs. So I guessed/joked:

‘Southpaw’ Review

Southpaw screenshot

Of all the adjectives that flitted through my head when I learned that Kurt Sutter (the creator of Sons of Anarchy and a writer on The Shield) was teaming up with Antoine Fuqua (the director of Training Day, Tears of the Sun, and Olympus Has Fallen), “dull” wasn’t one of them. And yet I couldn’t help hearing that word banging about my skull while coming out of the screening of Southpaw, a paint-by-numbers tale of loss and redemption.

‘Ant-Man’ Review

Ant Man

Ant-Man is the latest offering from the Marvel movie factory, and like its predecessors it is an expert confection of light-hearted, low-calorie fluff: a movie that is funny and amusing and action-packed without anything approaching real sentiment or emotion and that never diverts from the studio’s house style.