‘Ideal Spokesman’ for Sex Offenders Ideal Candidate for Sex Offender Registries

Galen Baughman, delivering a Tedx talk titled 'Are We All Sex Offenders?'

Over the weekend, I happened across a piece at Slate about a guy on a sex-offender registry who has been pitched as the “ideal spokesman” for sex offenders looking to get off of onerous lists that makes them community pariahs. As someone who frequents libertarian weblogs, I often hear horror stories about these registries—the 18-year-old who sleeps with the 17-year-old and winds up on a sex offender registry for life, that sort of thing—so I was curious to see what this Galen Baughman had done. Turns out that he, uh, wasn’t exactly a borderline case.

Four Political Comedy Pitches to Help Hollywood Prove Conservatives Wrong

kennedys everywhere

I’m not a huge fan of anti-Hollywood culture war stuff, insofar as I find it rather boring and only kinda-sorta warranted. But sometimes The Biz goes out of its way to prove that they are, in fact, ridiculously biased caricatures. Two small items. Item the first: That’s right: Variety is reporting that noted comedic actor Will Ferrell is going to play …

Jeff Jarvis, Meet Barbra Streisand and Her Magical Effect

Jeff Jarvis (via flickr user Eirik Solheim)

There is a journalism professor by the name of Jeff Jarvis who is prone to using buzzy words and talking about life in the netizen age. You can get a sense for his work in this rather scathing review of one of his books by Evgeny Morozov.

There is a Twitter account by the name of @ProfJeffJarvis that parodies not only the real Jarvis’ mode of thinking but the mode of thinking adopted by his fellow thinkfluencers.

The real Jeff Jarvis is very angry that the fake Jeff Jarvis exists, for reasons that are relatively obvious.

‘Alien Day’ Is the Most Egregiously Dumb Way to Move Merchandise EVER DEVISED

On this 'Alien Day' just remember that you are John Hurt.

So, a few weeks, maybe a month or two ago, I started seeing film sites talking about “Alien Day.” The Alamo Drafthouse, for instance, would be showing Alien and Aliens in a double feature today, April 26. Bottleneck Gallery and Mondo—two print shops I admire greatly and whose art adorns my office and home walls alike—were both offering Alien Day prints. Indeed, Mondo was offering a whole line of Alien Day clothes, including this keen facehugger knit ski mask:

‘Green Room’ Review

Green Room

An unknown punk band from the D.C. suburbs awakes to find their van in the middle of a cornfield. The driver, taking them across the country on a mildly unsuccessful tour, passed out at the wheel. Light on cash but heavy on moxie, two punks head to a skating rink to siphon gas so they can make their next gig—a lightly attended show at a restaurant that nets each member a few bucks.

Bigoted, Garbage Teacher Is Bigoted Garbage

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill / AP

If you want to understand what bias in academia looks like, you should read this essay by “Myrtle Lynn Payne” (a pseudonym). In it, she reveals that she is hesitant to write a recommendation for one of her students because that student has different beliefs than her on an important issue of the day.