‘Jason Bourne’ Review

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) looks old. Or maybe weathered is a more appropriate term: his skin tone matches the desolate, sandy camp in which we see him first. He’s been traveling the backwaters of Europe winning bare-knuckle boxing bouts with one-punch power, like a spec-ops Pikey. He is punishing himself for his sins, and trying to regain the memories his government took from him and set right his wrongs.

2016: Nixon v. Nixon

the election we deserve

If you divided Richard Nixon into two and imbued each of the Redux Nixons with one part of the 37th president’s ugliest features, you might get an election something like 2016.

The Promise and Peril of VOD


Video on demand (VOD) is the latest incarnation of the direct-to-video industry that followed the widespread adoption of VHS and VCRs. Like direct-to-video movies, these are often marginal releases highlighting so-so-to-quite-bad work. Every once in a while, however, you might find something that moves you.

‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition: One More Subtitle’ Review

Snyder, Zack. Neocon Jesus of Steel at Golgotha. 2016.

As one of the world’s foremost Zack Snyder apologists, it pained me to give a Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice a negative review. Unlike many of the Snyder-haters out there, I actually like his vision for the DC universe. I think it’s interesting to imagine what would happen if an invulnerable man fell from the sky and was introduced to the world by destroying a small part of it in a fight with a similarly powered individual. Would people hail him as Superman? Or would they fear him as the superman?

How to Talk About Ghostbusters Without Sounding Like a Jerk


As I’ve noted elsewhere, the discussion surrounding the reboot of Ghostbusters (1984) is pretty terrible because Ghostbusters (2016) has devolved into a front in the culture war and no culture war issue can ever be discussed with anything resembling decency. Allow me, then, to offer a few do’s and don’ts for discussing the reboot without sounding like an idiot or a jerk.