‘Only the Brave’ Review

Only the Brave

There’s a recurring image of a bear on fire running through a burning forest in Only the Brave—a visual at once starkly horrifying yet majestic, like something out of a high-fantasy production. The films opens with the bear running at the camera before we cut to a man jolting awake; we see the fiery ursine figure again later from above, running through the forest, before cutting to a line of firefighters moving through a burnt-out section of woods.

What Kind of Monster Doesn’t Like Sandwiches? (New Substandard!)

In the latest episode of the Substandard (subscribe, review, etc.), we were supposed to spend most of the show talking about aging action stars, tied to the release of The Foreigner. The show took a turn, however, when Vic and I learned that JVL hates sandwiches.

Let that sink in for a moment.

OK, now that you’re prepared—now that you’ve steeled yourself against an unnameable grotesquerie—give the show a listen. I can’t promise you won’t be disgusted by what you hear, but you might be entertained. After the jump, I’ll rank the lunch meats for JVL so he can learn how to truly enjoy the greatness of a fine, handcrafted sandwich.

Who Is the Best Sports Wife? (New Substandard!)

In the latest micro-episode of The Substandard, we discussed which sports wife is best: Jane Skinner, Kate Upton, or Brooklyn Decker. AND WE DID IT ON VIDEO. I hated literally every single second of it, as you can see here. If you just want to listen, like a civilized person, check out the embed below.

Jane Skinner: American Hero

News broke yesterday that Jane Skinner—formerly of Fox News, currently wife of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell—operates a secret, under-the-radar Twitter account with which she searches for mean mentions of her husband and defends him vociferously. Here’s the Wall Street Journal with the scoop:

Denis Villeneuve Films, Ranked (New Substandard!)

In the latest episode of The Substandard (subscribe, review, etc), JVL, Vic, and I talked about Harvey Weinstein in ways that may hit a bit too close to home for some of our listeners (are you anti-Harvey, anti-anti-Harvey, or anti-anti-anti-Harvey?) and have a spoiler-heavy (SERIOUSLY SO MANY SPOILERS) discussion about Blade Runner 2049. As a result of the fascinating-but-lengthy chat over the various philosophical quandaries presented by Blade Runner 2049, we had to cut a section ranking Villeneuve’s films. So, after the embed, I shall do that here. For you, the people.

‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer: Meh?

In the latest mini-episode of the Substandard, we discussed the latest trailer for The Last Jedi. JVL was decidedly underwhelmed: