Move to Ban Homework Good for Kids, Bad for Parents

School choice rally Lisa Leslie

A professor of education out of University of Arizona South is making the case for schools to ban homework from their education practices.

Dr. Etta Kralovec is the author of The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning claims that children’s time at home could and should be used in more meaningful ways and homework actually ends up undermining the overall learning process for students.

Remember When ESPN Was About Sports?


September should be a great time of year for sports fans.

Baseball pennant races getting dramatic. College football already in top form. NFL finally on every channel every other day of the week. And, of course, Fantasy Football in full swing.

It should be a time when Xs and Os are over analyzed and team passions are on full display.

Instead, this weekend was all about substance abuse, spanking, and domestic abuse. And ESPN is loving it. Because addressing these weighty topics makes them feel so very important.

DC School Teacher Minimizes Hitler’s Evil By Comparing Him to Bush


A 6th grade teacher in Washington, D.C., thought it would be just fine to have students compare George W. Bush to the greatest monster of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler.

Complete with a Venn diagram and a set of snappy instructions, the 11-year-olds were sent home with a pretty clear plan: Show us how our 43rd president is similar to the man who sent millions of Jews to their slaughter.

“Now that we have read about two men of power who abused their power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them and their actions,” began the worksheet. A parent, who is no big fan of W, thought the assignment was out of line, so they posted to Twitter and that got the ball rolling in the media.

British Man Takes Sick Leave for Sympathy Pregnancy


OK ladies, be careful what you ask for.

In the old days a man’s involvement in his wife’s pregnancy was somewhat limited. Beyond the essential role at the very beginning of the pregnancy, the stereotypical role of the dad was best personified by Ricky Ricardo showing up in the hospital waiting room just in time to see “Little Ricky” through the window in the maternity ward.

We’ve certainly come a long way with dads expected to participate in child birth classes, crash courses in diaper duty, and in-room responsibilities during delivery including back rubs, breathing coaching, and even camera work for the un-watchable birth video.

But England’s Harry Ashby has now taken the pregnancy participation thing to a whole new level. He has become the first man in Britain to be awarded paid, paternity sick leave from work for “sympathy pregnancy.”

Mike Tyson Explodes On Live TV: ‘F*** You,’ ‘You’re a Piece of S***’

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. But, apparently, it’s “negative” to point out that fact to him and if you dare to, he’ll call you a “piece of s***,” even on live TV.

The convicted rapist was in Toronto doing a publicity blitz for his one-man theatrical show currently playing there. Earlier had had met with the city’s crack-smoking-mayor Rob Ford and endorsed him for reelection.