America Deserves Better Than CNN


A cable news network defines itself by how well it covers a breaking news story. That’s why it’s instructive to evaluate CNN’s performance during Tuesday morning’s developing story of the bloody terror attacks in Jerusalem.

Parenthood: The Cure For The Common Liberal?


What happens when a self-professed “die-hard, bleeding heart liberal” becomes a parent of twin daughters? A very revealing opinion piece in the Washington Post last week reveals that the travails of raising two six-year-olds can stretch many progressive dogmas to the breaking point. It might be a secret sauce for building a lasting conservative majority, especially among women.

Bill Maher Latest Victim Of University PC Speech Codes

Bill Maher / Wikimedia Commons

HBO talk show host Bill Maher finds himself the target of a college protest over his scheduled commencement address at UC Berkley this December. That’s right, apparently it’s not just conservatives such as Ann Coulter and David Horowitz whose speech is squelched on college campuses.

The Hipster Baby Name Craze Must Stop

Wikimedia Commons

Young parents are determined to name their newborns something creative and unique, no matter what burden that name may put on their progeny. With names such as “Brooklyn” and “Milo” bordering on mainstream because of their ubiquity, the dawn of the hipster baby name has almost ensured a future generation of Pajama Boys.

Remember When Monica Lewinsky Blamed Bill Clinton Instead of Matt Drudge? The Internet Does

In this image taken from video, Monica Lewinsky embraces President Clinton as he greeted well-wishers at a White House lawn party in Washington Nov. 6, 1996

Monica Lewinsky injected herself into the news cycle once again this week, this time with a fascinating re-writing of her dubious place in history. Lewinsky painted herself as victim, once again, but this time she claims to be a victim of the Internet. Or, more specifically, of Matt Drudge and the Drudge Report.

In Lewinsky’s warped (or calculated) view of her time in the limelight, she was the world’s first victim of “cyberbullying” and Drudge the first perpetrator.

One thing about the Internet that is undeniable is that it creates a record of a person’s behavior and statements so when they attempt to rearrange their personal narrative, as Lewinsky is attempting, previous statements can be reflected upon and held up to new-found interpretations of past deeds.

DC Expected to Legalize Pot for the Unemployed and Elected Officials


In two weeks voters in the nation’s capital will vote on a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The latest polls show over 70 percent of likely voters favor the initiative.

However, the new law will provide no job protection for those tokers whose workplace prohibits pot use amongst their employees. Making pot legal will not negate employers the right to fire any of their employees who test positive for the devil weed in random drug testing.