Pelosi: Wall Funding Is a 'Non-Starter'

December 20, 2018

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said Thursday that funding for the wall is a "non-starter" for reaching a deal on a bill to fund the government.

MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt asked Pelosi if Democrats could support anything beyond a clean continuing resolution, which would authorize funding.

"There seem to be some discussions ongoing on the floor of the House right now among Republicans around trying to pass the short-term funding bill. They're discussing adding wall funding, there's also potentially adding disaster funding—is there any situation you think Democrats could support beyond a clean continuing resolution?" Hunt asked.

"It depends what they have to say, but not wall funding. I think we've made that clear, wasn't that clear? We will see what they come up with in terms of disaster assistance," Pelosi said. "We will see, but in terms of wall funding, that is a non-starter and I think they know that."

Congress is approaching the deadline to pass a funding bill to avoid a partial government shutdown. One major issue of negotiation is President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the southern border, for which he has requested $5 billion. Democrats are resistant to Trump's wall and Democratic leaders urged Trump to agree to a one year resolution to keep border wall funding at the current $1.3 billion level or agree to $1.6 billion in funding.

"On the current version we're prepared to not only support the resolution but to support the rule, but to support the rule because that's what they'll try to do is being down the rule," she said. "They have a lot of people who are missing, who are absent here. So they never did have a votes for the wall and now they don't even have a full complement of members here."

One reporter asked Pelosi about Trump's threat to not support infrastructure legislation unless border security that includes a wall is in it.

"I believe the president wants to do an infrastructure bill. I don't know that he will throw a tantrum over it when he sees what the bill might be. We've talked in a very positive way, almost every conversation I have had with him since he has been president has—almost every, not every—but almost every one has included how we can work together on infrastructure," Pelosi said.

"Again, this is whimsical on the president's part. His whim that he might not sign it. Let's get the bill first and then have a discussion as to what happens to it next," she said.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) was also adamant on Trump not receiving funding for his border wall on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday.

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