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GOP Delegation Arrives at Columbia To Call for Shafik's Resignation

'We just can't allow this kind of hatred and anti-Semitism to flourish on our campuses,' says Johnson

April 24, 2024

Jamaal Bowman Says AIPAC Only Calls Him Anti-Semitic Because It Can't Use 'the N-Word'

New York Democrat says during town hall that America has a 'caste system' and 'plantation capitalism'

April 23, 2024

Jamaal Bowman Defends Ilhan Omar's Daughter After Suspension for Her Role in Anti-Israel Tent City at Columbia

Omar grilled Columbia president one day before her daughter, Isra Hirsi, was suspended for participating in ‘indefinite occupation’ of university property

April 18, 2024

Jamaal Bowman Defends Union Fighting Subpoena Over Anti-Israel Resolution

Top Republican says union 'appears to have infringed on several statutory rights of its members'

April 12, 2024

'No Stopping Until Liberation': MIT Faculty Member Urges Followers To Shut Down Israeli Company in Cambridge

Afif Aqrabawi went on anti-Semitic tirade after congressional committee requested anti-Semitism docs from school

April 1, 2024

Congress Opens Anti-Semitism Investigation into UC Berkeley

School accused of tolerating 'hotbed of anti-Jewish hostility and harassment'

March 19, 2024

Columbia President Will Testify Before Congress on Response to Campus Anti-Semitism

'Some of the worst cases of antisemitic assaults … have occurred at Columbia University,' Virginia Foxx says

MIT Faculty Member Goes on Anti-Semitic Tirade After House Ed Committee Requests Documents From School

‘I want to make it clear that Chairwoman Virginia Foxx … is a treasonous Zionist tool,‘ says Afif Aqrabawi

March 11, 2024