University of Michigan

University of Michigan Demands $1,200 for China Documents

Public university in lucrative partnership with Chinese regime-linked program

University of MichiganThe University of Michigan refused to turn over public documents related to its $25 million research partnership with China unless it receives more than $1,200 in fees, an "extreme" request that experts said prevents transparency.

UMich to Stop Using Police to Enforce Coronavirus Regs

Students say use of police 'a bad idea' after summer of anti-police protests

The University of Michigan announced it would no longer use local police to enforce coronavirus regulations after students complained that the practice ran afoul of widespread anti-police protests.

The Gretchen Who Stole Football

Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer reportedly a 'roadblock' to college football this fall

Ohio State University is reportedly facing an unsurprising foe in its bid to salvage a college football season in the age of coronavirus: Michigan Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer.