United Nations

How the Palestinians Created Their Own Plight

Essay: Israel is not the one denying the Palestinians an independent state

Mahmoud AbbasIt is easy to forget that, in 1947, when the United Nations recommended the creation of a Jewish state in Mandatory Palestine, the international body also recommended the creation of an Arab state—what would today be a national home for the Palestinians. The idea was to partition the land into two separate entities—in other words, a two-state solution. Indeed, in 1988, the Palestine National Council described the partition resolution as what "still provides those conditions of international legitimacy that ensure the right of the Palestinian Arab people to sovereignty."

U.N., Congress Give Iran Pass on Murdering Scores With Landmines in Yemen

On International Mine Awareness Day, Iran is not held accountable

YemenThe international community handed Iran a collective pass this week as it commemorated its annual landmine awareness day with almost no mention of the growing strife in Yemen, where around one million Iranian landmines have been placed underground, threatening scores of civilians.

U.N. Censors Israeli-Made Wine During Holocaust Event

'The incident reveals the duplicity of U.N. Holocaust events'

The United Nations stands in midtown ManhattanThe United Nations is again facing accusations of anti-Israel bias for erasing from display the location of an Israeli-made bottle of wine during a recent Holocaust remembrance event, according to pictures provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Trump Admin. to Slash Support for UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa

Bolton calls missions 'unproductive, unsuccessful, and unaccountable'

John BoltonThe Trump administration plans to significantly cut U.S. support for United Nations peacekeeping missions in Africa as part of a broader strategy that seeks to better promote American interests on the continent, National Security Adviser John Bolton said Thursday.