Roy Blunt

Sunday Show Round Up

GOP Calls on Sebelius to testify about Obamacare rollout

Republican lawmakers emphasized the need for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to testify before Congress and explain the various technological glitches in the rollout of the new health care legislation, on Sunday.

GOP Bill Would Expand Citizen Recording Rights in Wake of IRS Scandal

Blunt, Jenkins introduce bill that would allow subjects of IRS investigations to record interactions with officials

Sen. Roy Blunt (R., Mo.) and Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R., Kan.) announced the introduction of legislation Thursday that would expand citizens’ rights to record their interactions with federal employees in the wake of the Internal Revenue Service's controversial scrutiny of conservative groups’ applications for tax-exempt status.

Senators Question EPA Leak of Private Farmer Info

EPA released info to Earth Justice, National Resources Defense Council, Pew Charitable Trust

A bipartisan group of 24 senators demanded answers Thursday from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on why it leaked the personal data of more than 80,000 farms and livestock facilities to environmental groups.

A Lack of Transparency

Hagel’s failure to disclose possible income from foreign sources raises red flags

Lingering questions about defense nominee Chuck Hagel's financial ties to foreign countries could provide his Republican critics with the political ammunition needed to prevent his nomination from leaving the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), according to multiple sources close to the confirmation process.

No Confirmation, No Paycheck

GOP bill would eliminate salaries of NLRB members until they are ‘legally confirmed’

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt (R.) introduced a bill to eliminate the salaries of the Democratic board members Sharon Block and Richard Griffin in the wake of a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling declaring their “recess appointments” unconstitutional.