Sins of Omission

ProPublica ‘exposé’ failed to disclose own donors’ lack of disclosure

A recent ProPublica investigation into political nonprofits failed to disclose that one of the organization’s donors is a significant player in the world of “dark money” advocacy, while other contributors maintain deep ties to 501(c)4 groups supporting President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Harry Reid to the Rescue

Political action committee aligned with Senate majority leader leaps to Democratic senate candidate Rep. Shelley Berkley’s defense

A secretive political action committee founded to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nev.) in his tough 2010 reelection campaign is running attack ads against the Republican opponent of Democratic Senate candidate Shelley Berkley.

Mass Attack

State affiliate of George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance targets Sen. Scott Brown

Powerful national progressive interests fund the left-wing messaging operation in Massachusetts behind an anti-Scott Brown attack site, despite claims that the operation is merely a grassroots, local project.

The Anti-ALEC alliance

Group at heart of anti-conservative crusade is shadowy organization funded by leftwing millionaires and billionaires

ProgressNow, a leader in the leftwing campaign against free-market model legislation organization ALEC, is a shadowy organization funded by millionaires, billionaires, and leftwing philanthropies with the intent of expanding Democratic power.

Target: ALEC

Liberal advocacy groups meet to plot conservative network’s demise

Leading progressive organizers met on May 10 to coordinate their attack plan against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), discussing ways to pressure corporations into abandoning the group for its small-government advocacy and turn against what they call the “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”