Mohamed Morsi

Egypt Hostilities Run Deep as Crisis Drags on

When a Muslim cleric asked worshippers at a Cairo mosque to pray for people killed while protesting in support of Egypt's deposed president, one of them stopped him in his tracks. "Why should we do that?" he asked. Getting to his feet to make his case, the man in his fifties said anyone wishing to pray for the 80 supporters of former President Mohamed Mursi shot on July 27 should do so at the Muslim Brotherhood protest camp on the other side of town. "This is prayer, not politics," the imam answered. But his words fell mostly on deaf ears.

Egypt’s Brotherhood Rejects Appeal to Accept Post-Morsi Reality

Thousands of Morsi supporters still camped in Cairo, say they will not back down

The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected pleas from international envoys to "swallow the reality" that Mohamed Morsi will not return as Egypt's president, the Brotherhood spokesman said on Monday. The envoys, trying to resolve a political crisis brought on by the army's overthrow of the Islamist Morsi a month ago, had visited jailed Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat El-Shater in the early hours of Monday.

Lawmakers Question Qatar’s Support for Hamas

Letter demands explanation for increased diplomatic, economic ties

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill petitioned the Qatari ambassador on Friday to explain his government’s “expanding diplomatic and economic ties” with Hamas in a letter that highlights the increasingly strained ties between the United States and Qatar.

Withdrawing Aid to Egypt Could Spark Backlash

Experts warn against hasty withdrawal of Egyptian aid

Immediately withdrawing U.S. aid to Egypt or placing stringent conditions on its delivery risks inciting a backlash among the Egyptian people and sparking more violence, Middle Eastern experts said Thursday.

Obama Halts Delivery of F-16s to Egypt Amid Unrest

Abdel Fattah al-SisiPresident Barack Obama has decided to halt the planned delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, amid the unrest that erupted after the military ousted Egypt's first democratically elected president.