Europe Shies Away from Cutting Aid for Egypt

The European Union stopped short of agreeing immediate cuts in financial or military assistance to Cairo on Wednesday, as the bloc’s foreign ministers held emergency talks to find ways to help bring an end to violence in Egypt.

Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader

Egypt’s army-backed authorities detained the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader on Tuesday, signaling their determination to crush the group and silence protests against the ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

The arrest of Mohamed Badie, 70, the Brotherhood’s general guide, followed the bloody suppression of rallies demanding the reinstatement of Egypt’s first freely elected president, who was toppled by the military last month.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Loses Grip as Anger Boils

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its allies suffered a heavy blow from the state security crackdown, their central coordination has been lost and the bloodshed means anger is now “beyond control,” the group said on Thursday.

Timeline: Egypt In Crisis

Here is a short timeline of events in Egypt since Islamist President Mohamed Mursi was toppled by the military after weeks of mass unrest against his rule: