Mary Landrieu

Increase in Oil Shipments by Rail Bolsters Case for Keystone XL

Federal agency notes rail transit is spiking as North Dakota searches for pipeline alternatives

As both houses of Congress ready votes on the Keystone XL pipeline, federal energy regulators on Thursday revealed a large year-over-year increase in the amount of oil transported by rail, particularly from areas that Keystone’s southern leg would serve.

Seth MacFarlane Doesn’t Grok the Politics of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Following last week's GOPin' 2: Electric Shellackaloo, depressed Democrats everywhere were forced to come to grips with Republican control of Congress. A Million Ways to Die in the West director Seth MacFarlane expressed annoyance that the Keystone Pipeline was getting so much play: Of course, it's not just Republicans who are in favor of getting the Keystone Pipeline underway.

Big Labor’s Servants

Right to work group highlights Democrats Landrieu, Pryor, Warner, Hagan, Udall, Braley, Orman, Weiland, and Grimes

A top labor watchdog is telling voters that Democrats in some of the nation’s most competitive Senate races are servants of labor unions.