Mark Udall

Democracy Alliance Dark Money Network Spends Millions for Udall

Colorado Democrat professes distaste for dark money groups as they work to reelect him

Mark UdallLeft-wing groups backed by a secretive liberal donor network have poured large sums into a key U.S. Senate race even as the Democrat in that race decries the corrosive influence of “dark money” in American politics.

The Macaca Democrats

Column: Why the GOP Is Winning Election 2014

Something peculiar has happened. As I write, none of the Republican candidates for Senate has become a public embarrassment. On the contrary: For the first time in a decade, it is the Democratic candidates, not the Republican ones, who are fodder for late-night comics. That the Democrats are committing gaffes and causing scandals at a higher rate than Republicans not only may be decisive in the battle for the Senate. It could signal a change in our politics at large.