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Jon Tester Said It's 'Not Right' for Senators To Hire Lobbyists as Staff. He Just Hired a Lobbyist To Run His Campaign.

Montana Democrat 'couldn't be prouder' to hire former environmental lobbyist as campaign manager

April 18, 2023

Biden's FAA Nominee Bows Out, Blaming 'Partisan Attacks.' In Reality, the 'Attacks' Were Bipartisan.

Sens. Jon Tester and Kyrsten Sinema, who caucus with Democrats, scuttled Phil Washington's nomination

March 28, 2023

Montana Senator Jon Tester Hobnobs With Green Energy Activist Who Helped Kill Keystone Pipeline

Tester said pipeline would have ensured 'energy independence,' created 'big benefits for our state'

March 15, 2023

Montana Senator Jon Tester's Restaurant Bills Don't Match His Everyman Image

Tester says he hates eating out because Montanans 'like our own meat'

March 10, 2023

Influential Judge Deals Blow to Biden's Employer Vaccine Mandate

Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton's opinion could bolster conservative challenges to mandate

December 17, 2021

Senate Dems Press Biden Admin To Shrink Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

Lawmakers propose funding cuts, keeping Vietnam-era missile program

July 9, 2021