Disgraced Wall Street Titan, Spouse of Obama Critic, Fund ‘Ready for Hillary’

The “Ready for Hillary” Super PAC raised $1.7 million so far this year, with the help of sizeable donations from Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late-Obama critic Steve Jobs, and Sharon Corzine, wife of disgraced financial tycoon Jon Corzine. Both donated $25,000 to the PAC, according to THE POLITICO.

Jon Corzine, a former Obama campaign bundler and top financial adviser to Joe Biden, oversaw the collapse of the investment firm MF Global and faces allegations that he directed the misuse of $1.6 billion in customer funds. Corzine allegedly made massive, risky bets on European sovereign debt and improperly used money from customer accounts to cover liquidity shortfalls. He remains the target of numerous lawsuits.