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Granholm: $200 Million Grant to China-Based Company Still Under Consideration

Taxpayer money meant to bolster U.S. energy production could instead benefit Chinese entities

April 20, 2023

'Imperative': Senator Requests 'Thorough Review' of Biden Admin Grants to Beijing-Backed Companies

'The Department cannot afford to keep making the same mistake of enriching China,' Wyoming's Barrasso says

December 15, 2022

Former Energy Sec Calls for Investigations Into DOE Grant to China-Based Battery Company

In bid to boost U.S. green energy, DOE gave $200 million to Chinese company under scrutiny from U.S. financial regulators

December 13, 2022

'Bright Light' After 'Weeks of Sadness': Widow of Marine Killed in Kabul Has Daughter

Fallen Marine Rylee McCollum's family has criticized President Biden's withdrawal

September 15, 2021

Sunday Show Round Up

Ukraine and Hamas dominate the discussion

April 27, 2014

Senators Predicted Obamacare’s Negative Side Effects

$1.058 trillion in new taxes, five million insurance cancellations

April 1, 2014