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Let Us Now Praise Famous Women

Column: A peek into the secret world of the liberal elite

The critic James Wolcott is peeved. “Mitt Romney’s fateful decision this January not to pursue the presidency for a third futile time deprives those of us in the bleachers of a rare-ish opportunity to watch a representative of the 1 percent in plastic action,” he writes in Vanity Fair’s April “special issue” on “the age of money.” There are few chances, Wolcott avers, to observe in public a member of the financial and social caste that rules America. “It is not often we get to study how a scion moves, behaves, and simulates reflective thought under changeable conditions.”

Katzenberg’s DreamWorks to Lay Off 15 Percent of Staff

Obama delivered job creation speech at DreamWorks in 2013

Jeffrey Katzenberg, a liberal donor who was awarded the prestigious National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama last year, will be laying off 350 of his employees at DreamWorks Animation, according to a CNN report.

More Bad News for Obama Donor Jeffrey Katzenberg

Penguins Of Madagascar bust spells trouble for Katzenberg's Dreamworks Animation

Low box office numbers for Dreamworks Animation's Penguins of Madagascar is the latest in troubles for Obama donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has unsuccessfully been shopping the studio all year.